Solomon OB at Holyhead School

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Soloman OB Rapper, spoken word artist and poet, came into school to share his story to the Year 11 students in assembly and how he overcame his challenges and barriers in life. During the assembly, he performed a rap, beatboxed and shared his poetry. He talked about the importance of the English language and how reading is the foundation of his success. 

All the students were inspired and motivated by him. After the assembly, Josh shared his own rap. Soloman worked with smaller groups during the rest of the day.


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Over the last few months Year 10 students, as well as myself, have had the opportunity for some amazing experiences,  but before I start I would like to say a big thank you to Holyhead School for the opportunity that helped to develop a lot of our LORIC values and skills through this experience. 

So what is it? Envision. A program to develop young peoples’ employability by empowering them to tackle real-life social problems. There are a lot of things I have to tell you about this amazing experience. The first day of the program we went to Birmingham University where we met a lot of students from different schools and  the Envision coach who told us about what we should do for the next three months. We had to choose a charity to help and raise money for them; we chose the Hope Project. It’s a charity who work to support and empower homeless asylum-seekers barred from public funds in the West Midlands.This charity was chosen because it helps refugees to find peace that they didn’t find in their home country. 

There are three parts of the Envision program which are: an awareness raising challenge in the school, a fundraiser at a local business and a pitching challenge. Students also had a lot of business sessions with their coach. 

The first thing we had to do is raise awareness as the first of the three challenges; the Awareness Raising Challenge. Our team, Milestone of Hope, reached all of the students  in Holyhead School through creating an art piece and an interactive quiz. This was not without its challenges! Students faced their first challenge which was to put up a tent, this was not helped by losing a member of the team which made the process of work harder, but we never gave up, we kept  going and worked hard as a team.

The next challenge was the Fundraiser Challenge. For this challenge we  went to the HS2 office which allowed the team to practice their confidence in speaking to adults they do not know. Milestone of Hope delivered a presentation in front of them telling them about what has been done and what they are going to do next. We managed to raise an amazing £303.18 for their charity just from selling different types of food and different activities like selling samosas and cakes, doing henna, a ping pong challenge, creating caricatures and a guess the song game! Students have used their LORIC values and skills like leadership, communication skills as well as teamwork.

Finally there was the Pitching Challenge. We had to do a presentation in front of over fifty people from different schools about what we  did and how we did it. Everyone of us worked hard as a team from the first day, we enhanced all our LORIC skills and... we won! 

This meant that we were awarded a £500 cheque which we added to the money we raised. Awesome!

The students from Milestone of Hope should be is very proud of all they have achieved for the Community Apprentice and for the difference that they have made to their charity Milestone of Hope and in their community. Well  done everyone who was involved!

by Mariam C1

Handsworth Vaisakhi Mela 2019

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Vaisakhi Mela is a traditional festival to celebrate the birth of Sikhs. The original Vaisakhi celebration takes place on Sunday 14th April; the actual mela takes place on Sunday 28th April. There are many festivals taking place in many  different parks. On Vaisakhi, there are usually parades going through the streets of Birmingham with lots of people taking part in different activities. For example, people were playing drums and holding traditional swords to represent their bravery of protecting the vulnerable.

On Sunday 28th April the Holyhead BBC young reporters in Year 7 went to Handsworth Park to interview some residents who celebrate the Vaisakhi Mela. The team went around the park and asked questions what Vaisakhi is all about and why people celebrate the event. One person said “I really enjoy Vaisakhi because I have lots of fun with my family.” Another woman said she enjoys it because they get to know more about their religion.  At the time of the event the BBC team took some pictures of some of the things that happened at the festival; they also took some videos which you can see on the Holyhead BBC Website.

Maisha: “I had never had so much fun in any other Mela”

Tamanna: “It was a really good festivals and it made me closer to my own religion.”

Leya: “It was an enjoyable time and I’m glad I enjoyed it with my friends and family.”

Emma: “I’ve really enjoyed working on this project with my friends.”

In conclusion everyone in the Mela were enjoying themselves a lot and had a great day. Even though the day came to an end everyone had a smile on their faces.

Report by Emma M8,Tamanna C4, Leya M5, Maisha O8

Exam Stress and Depression!

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What is exam stress and depression?

Exam stress is quite prevalent at this time for the Year 11 GCSE students. This is because they get put under so much pressure; the need to get high grades to have the career they really want and the feeling of everything changing in your life. This then leads to them not knowing how to cope with their thoughts so therefore become stressed out!

As a cause of too much stress it then progresses into depression. Depression is when you physically and mentally give up on something, in this case exams!  When students expect A LOT from themselves they overthink everything and then become anxious!

How to cope with exam stress and depression!

Instead of feeling these horrible emotions, there are ways to overcome them:

1). One way to overcome these thoughts is to be regular and persistent with your study programme and routine, meaning use your time wisely and test yourself, especially  on your mistakes!

2). Make sure you don’t overdo things from studying too much, so take breaks, enjoy your hobbies, eat healthy and do some exercise!

3). Make sure that you are getting enough sleep because your brain needs rest so that you can think!

4). Lastly try to find friends or family that can motivate and support you through tough times and tell you that everything is okay!


Once you understand these points you WILL   feel much better because worrying and stressing over exams is just a waste of time, it does not make you feel any better so instead be POSITIVE!


By Riandeep  C3.

Duke of Edinburgh First Aid Experience!

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On Tuesday 22nd January, myself and about a class full of children were offered a space to complete the Heartstart emergency life support programme. This taught us many new skills and most importantly, how to save lives.

A team from the West Midlands Fire Service came to Holyhead School and gave us a presentation about the main life saving skills that are vital such as CPR, controlling bleeding, to check if someone's breathing right, choking and overall performing all these skills. This for sure showed us how to meet the challenges of everyday life and how to cope under pressure.

Overall this experience is definitely necessary because it helps to cope with the increasing pace and change of modern life, this gives us the skills such as the ability to deal with stress and frustration.

In my opinion this experience was very challenging yet fun! I have learnt about vital skills that I never imagined myself doing!

By Riandeep C3

Trinity Square

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Wow who would believe it….. Trinity Square!

The amazing Trinity Square in our school performing live. Blowing the roof off and entering with a bang!

Five guys bringing a music sensation to our ears. They were confidently beaming with content and wanted to share their love of music with us. Three fresh sounds making Holyhead students jump with joy. One of the members of the group was talking about you having to “be who are and not follothers” which is quite important in the music industry because you should be able to express yourself through music.

We were grateful that we got the chance to ask Trinity Square some questions, we eagerly wanted to know things such as; their inspirations, where the name came from and how they met.

Their message was people can become anything they believe in if they set their heart on  it, and students have the privilege to education and can express who they are in school.  “We’ve known eachother since school” this was evident in the way the way they presented themselves and interacted with each other. The bonds young people make in school are important and may  have an impact on their future.

“ It started as jokes, most people don't realise the fact that they are capable of doing so much, being  young doesn’t mean that you cannot be what you want and

you don’t have to wait till your older”. School friends, Trinity Square, distinctly show how they drastically changed their lives with music.

Many students at Holyhead study  music and are able to produce music so they have the same opportunities to be as big as Trinity Square.

There are many challenges that young people will  face while pursuing to be what they want and Trinity Square generously shared their experiences with us. We extremely appreciated them making the time to visit Holyhead School.

Thank you Trinity Square!

Reporters: Riandeep C3 and Zeenat O9.

Videographer/Photographer: Arron M4.

Careers talk on the Scientific World in the NHS

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‘Careers talk on the Scientific World in the NHS’

On Friday 29th June we were privileged to welcome and host Professor Ian Cumming CEO, NHS,  he talked about a number of careers opportunities within the NHS, ranging from IT/ Clinical Engineers to Mental Health Nurses etc.

The NHS is the largest employee in the UK and the fifth largest employer in the world with 350 different jobs. In addition, he went through a range of changes that have taken place in the NHS over the last 10 years. From AI technology which helps with operations,  to having pods that have new ways of predicting, preventing, monitoring, diagnosing and treating some conditions, these will be around in

supermarkets which means you do not need to see or book an appointment a your GP.

His talk was very informative and inspirational the aim was to provide us different pathways ways of getting into the NHS.

As Professor Cumming says, “Give yourself the edge”. This quote symbolises the effort and training they need to achieve the best that they deserve in the future.

He also explains the importance of Genomics and how it can help us to identify the diseases or strange circumstances in the body. together with the impact of technology and science on healthcare.

At the end of the talk he mentioned that NHS is celebrating its 70th birthday on  5th July 2018. During his careers within the NHS Ian has gained experiences and contributed to decision making to improve the health education.

Overall, his talk was informative and encouraging for our students to step out to achieve their aims. We would like to extend a warm thank you to Professor Ian Cumming for coming to Holyhead School and to delivering an inspiring talk.

Thanks to Speaker for Schools and Mrs Mistry for organising this careers talk.

BBC School Reporter: Kamni Year 10

What a Buzz! Can Only Be the Spelling Bee 2018

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What a Buzz!

Can Only Be the Spelling Bee


Thursday 7th March was the day of the final round for Holyhead’s Spelling Bee. The excitement and the cheering was extraordinary and symbolised the enthusiasm around the school for this event; you couldn’t even imagine the energetic waves in the atmosphere around that time.

This event was organised by our new, well-organised English teacher Miss Daya who put a lot of effort into making it such an exciting and memorable event. We interviewed her and she had  really positive response, she said, “ The finalists were so confident. The atmosphere was amazing and I couldn’t ask for more. The audience were so supportive and not just encouraging own their friends; they were supportive for people in different Years. I’m really really happy and proud of them.”   

Our four finalist from different  Colleges were very nervous, but the enthusiastic and optimistic audience were wiping their uneasiness away.  However, there were some moments when the finalist suffered from nerves and could not pronounce the spelling accurately; this made the atmosphere so tense but our confident contestants

managed to overcome this hurdle. However our Oswestry contestant Julie had a pleasing response for our amazing audience as she said, “I was honored; I was really proud.”

Many students contributed their own time to make special posters and banners to support the contestants.  With the help of all the staff members, audience and our finalist the Spelling Bee went stunningly well leaving us with a great memory that will always stay with us.

Thank you to Miss Daya and our lovely audience who showed their enthusiastic support during the event.  However, the suspense continues… To find out the results we all have to wait for Presentation Evening when the winner will be announced, or you can enjoy the youtube live feed which goes out on 15th March.

Reporters: Javaria M7 and Kamni O9

Birmingham's Diwali Mela 2017

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IMG_0618.JPGOn Sunday evening on the 1st of October Soho Road hosted a Diwali Mela. A lot of people turned up for the celebrations and enjoyed live performances, funfair, food and drinks and there was also a photographer taking funny pictures of people.

People enjoyed performances by Raxstar, Miss Pooja and Navin Kundra who involved the audience in their shows. Lucky fans were able to take photos with their favourite stars and talk to them which was amazing.

It was a really exciting day and we had loads of fun reporting on this special day. We asked members of the public what they enjoyed most about the Diwali Mela and Jaspreet said, “ We love to get together with friends and have fun, we really enjoyed watching Raxstar.” Gulia added, “I love meeting different people and enjoying different cultures.”  

People were lighting the traditional candles outside the temple on Soho Road, it was an amazing sight. Then the Diwali lights were turned on for the first time along Soho Road by after a countdown. Mrs Kaur said, “ I really enjoyed it and loved that there was something for all ages.” It was a great day for Handsworth.




Report by: Samilepreet C9 & Jasmeen O7

Meridan £5 Challenge

posted Dec 19, 2017, 1:11 AM by R Dhanjal

Interviewing Mrs Edwards

(SSWO of Meriden)

We have started by asking Mrs Edwards about the event; she answered that the event is to raise money for organisations. In one hand Meriden raises money for Birmingham  Children Hospital and in the other hand they have been sponsoring a special young lady for 3 years helping her with her education, and to make her life easier. Another part of the fundraising is also used for Meriden College itself to celebrate occasions and to allow young people in Meriden have more opportunities and rewarding them. As an answer for our question on how did Meriden get inspired in doing the £5 challenge, she answered that her and Mrs Denny had an idea of instead of rewarding their students with certificates they would to start from something small to make it into a bigger event.

So from their ideas they picked the £5 challenge, it also makes it fun for them to raise money. Meriden started doing the £5 challenge last year as Mrs Denny and Mrs Edwards saw that their idea came to life and became successful, they thought of doing it again for the  next year. She said, “The most interesting thing that happened last year was a form that started with a £5 note and made up to a whopping £470 for charity. It felt amazing to raise money for the Birmingham Children's Hospital and has a  huge life changing impact on the girl's life  who we are fundraising for.” Mrs Edwards said that they will fundraise her until she reaches the age of 16 years old. She said that once they stop sponsoring the girl they will try fundraising for more people instead of one person, they will try their best to fundraise for a whole village rather than an individual. Meriden said that they support the charity because they support young people. She revealed that before Meriden supported Birmingham Children’s Hospital, a student from Meriden came from the hospital and voiced an idea to Mrs Denny that they should be fundraising for Birmingham Children’s Hospital because  they supported the student very well and did a great job to help.

Meriden supports this challenge in many ways from:

Selling cakes, sweet, drinks and ice cream to pieing teachers.

Miss Edwards said, “We are looking for about  a whooping £300!!! for this year.”

The grand question was if she was proud of her college as she answers, “I am very proud of my College and Meriden is  the best College in raising money for charity.”

BBC School Reporters: Arron M3, Jasmeen O7, Aya O7 and Samilepreet C9

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