Birmingham's Diwali Mela 2017

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IMG_0618.JPGOn Sunday evening on the 1st of October Soho Road hosted a Diwali Mela. A lot of people turned up for the celebrations and enjoyed live performances, funfair, food and drinks and there was also a photographer taking funny pictures of people.

People enjoyed performances by Raxstar, Miss Pooja and Navin Kundra who involved the audience in their shows. Lucky fans were able to take photos with their favourite stars and talk to them which was amazing.

It was a really exciting day and we had loads of fun reporting on this special day. We asked members of the public what they enjoyed most about the Diwali Mela and Jaspreet said, “ We love to get together with friends and have fun, we really enjoyed watching Raxstar.” Gulia added, “I love meeting different people and enjoying different cultures.”  

People were lighting the traditional candles outside the temple on Soho Road, it was an amazing sight. Then the Diwali lights were turned on for the first time along Soho Road by after a countdown. Mrs Kaur said, “ I really enjoyed it and loved that there was something for all ages.” It was a great day for Handsworth.




Report by: Samilepreet C9 & Jasmeen O7

Meridan £5 Challenge

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Interviewing Mrs Edwards

(SSWO of Meriden)

We have started by asking Mrs Edwards about the event; she answered that the event is to raise money for organisations. In one hand Meriden raises money for Birmingham  Children Hospital and in the other hand they have been sponsoring a special young lady for 3 years helping her with her education, and to make her life easier. Another part of the fundraising is also used for Meriden College itself to celebrate occasions and to allow young people in Meriden have more opportunities and rewarding them. As an answer for our question on how did Meriden get inspired in doing the £5 challenge, she answered that her and Mrs Denny had an idea of instead of rewarding their students with certificates they would to start from something small to make it into a bigger event.

So from their ideas they picked the £5 challenge, it also makes it fun for them to raise money. Meriden started doing the £5 challenge last year as Mrs Denny and Mrs Edwards saw that their idea came to life and became successful, they thought of doing it again for the  next year. She said, “The most interesting thing that happened last year was a form that started with a £5 note and made up to a whopping £470 for charity. It felt amazing to raise money for the Birmingham Children's Hospital and has a  huge life changing impact on the girl's life  who we are fundraising for.” Mrs Edwards said that they will fundraise her until she reaches the age of 16 years old. She said that once they stop sponsoring the girl they will try fundraising for more people instead of one person, they will try their best to fundraise for a whole village rather than an individual. Meriden said that they support the charity because they support young people. She revealed that before Meriden supported Birmingham Children’s Hospital, a student from Meriden came from the hospital and voiced an idea to Mrs Denny that they should be fundraising for Birmingham Children’s Hospital because  they supported the student very well and did a great job to help.

Meriden supports this challenge in many ways from:

Selling cakes, sweet, drinks and ice cream to pieing teachers.

Miss Edwards said, “We are looking for about  a whooping £300!!! for this year.”

The grand question was if she was proud of her college as she answers, “I am very proud of my College and Meriden is  the best College in raising money for charity.”

BBC School Reporters: Arron M3, Jasmeen O7, Aya O7 and Samilepreet C9

Rememberance Day

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Remembrance Day marks the day world war one ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918. A minute silence was held at 11:05am (due to students coming back from break) to remember the soldiers who have fallen in wars. There is also Remembrance Sunday every year which falls on the second Sunday in November. This year, it fell on Sunday 12 November.

On this day, ceremonies are held at war memorials, cenotaphs and churches throughout the country, as well as abroad. The Royal Family and top politicians gather at the cenotaph in Whitehall, London for a memorial service.  

It is traditional to wear a poppy on this day in remembrance of all the soldiers who gave their lives fighting for the country. In the spring of 1915, shortly after losing a friend in Ypres, a Canadian doctor, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae was inspired by the sight of poppies growing in battle-scarred fields to write a now famous poem called 'In Flanders Fields'. After the First World War, the poppy was adopted as a symbol of remembrance.

At Holyhead, poppies were sold to raise money for ex-service men and women and  Oswestry College held a Remembrance Day competition. This was all to raise more awareness on this significant day and to show our respect. Students made poppies and decorated them and submitted them to their form tutors. The two winning students, Thahsin and Marish of

02, were very happy that they won.

We interviewed Kishan of O10 who helped with the fundraising, he said:

“The poppy appeal is a fundraising campaign held every November to remember the fallen soldiers who fought in war. This year, being a Senior Student, I was given the opportunity to raise money for charity and get involved with Remembrance Day. I'm proud to have been able to sell so

many poppies this year because it makes me feel as though I've helped the people who protect us on a daily basis and also spread the message of hope.”

History teacher Miss Somerfield had a connection with the war through her family and she wanted to find out more about her history.  She told us:

“My aunt's twin brother, Leonard Somerfield, fell at Dunkirk during the Second World War, his photo had always been on the wall and I had asked questions about him. Sadly, I didn't visit the battlefields until shortly after my aunt's

death so it made me really want to ask questions, luckily another uncle knew lots!”

“There have been two World Wars so the chances are every family has been touched by them in some way. I'm happy for every day of peace the young people I teach are given because of the young people of the past who gave their lives.”

We also interviewed Kai of C2, who told us that he was part of the Remembrance Day Parade in Birmingham as a Sea Cadet; he followed orders from high ranking officers from the Navy. He told us, “I got involved because I want to join the Navy in the future, also I had two

great uncles who fought in a war so I wanted to be part of remembering soldiers who fought in wars.”

Reporters: Manpreet O6, Arusha O5, Troy O12

Villa Rockets - Disco

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On Thursday 9th of November,  from 4:30pm - 6:00pm a disco was held. This disco was aimed at year 7s and 8s which was organised by a group of year 10 students. The year 10s were given a challenge by the Envision Team to raise as much money as possible for a chosen charity which was Villa Rockets. The team were given £30 to buy the stuff they need for the disco. Villa Rockets is a charity which support young people who have disabilities and would love to play football. The team were able to sell around 70 tickets raising £70 from just selling the tickets. In total they raised over £250.

The event had a great turnout with a great atmosphere, with food and drinks being sold . Food and drinks were kindly donated by Roger from Eastend Foods. The disco was decorated very well and looked fantastic. The team’s hope was to raise around  £700 and we hope they did achieve close to their targets.

Reporters: Sukhmanjeet E1, Riah O14 and Ishaan O9

BBC School Reporter Team

WBA Post 16 Btec Sport Extended Diploma

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West Bromwich Albion Post 16 Training

On Tuesday 12th September,West Albion players Claudio Yacob and Boaz Myhill visited Holyhead School.

They offered advice to the Year 11 football team and the Year 12 students working towards their BTEC Sports Diplomas.


As the players walked in, the Year 11 Football Team lined up to shake t

heir hands as a sign of respect and welcomed them into our school. The players explained to our students how they began their footballing journeys having been ordinary people before stardom. The players mentioned how they started at the bottom

and then worked their way up to Premiership Football and it’s is not always an easy journey. Myhill said, “It’s important to have a positive attitude and have a good time.”

Later,Yacob and Myhill played a football match with the students on the Post 16 BTec Sport Extended Diploma to show them what being in the diploma was like. Claudio was on one team and Boaz on the other.

We also spoke to 6th former Kadeem who was one of the many students involved in this diploma, he commented, “It was a good experience,” he also said, “I learnt that you should focus in school if you want to get further in life.” We also spoke to Cabdi who was also involved in this diploma, he said “It was a really good experience and I enjoyed it alot!”

Overall it was a really good afternoon which everybody thoroughly enjoyed.

             By Sahill, Arron and Simrat.

Careers in Football

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On the 25th of May, Dave Lawrence from The Albion Foundation, came to Holyhead school to give advice about careers in football and other sports.
Dave advised students that there are many more jobs in the football industry than just playing football. “People overlook these jobs because they don't see them as important but they are because if football teams didn't have catering staff the team would go hungry and they probably wouldn't do well in their game.”

He then talked about refereeing; he said that to be a referee you need to go to a school where they teach you about the football rules and they give advice on how to become a better referee. Dave also talked about groundskeepers: he said “ the groundskeepers are important because if football teams didn't have them the playing fields would be muddy and the team wouldn't be able to play on it.” There are a great number of other behind-the-scenes jobs that are as important. 
When Dave himself trying to become a football coach he tried his hardest and he worked harder than his friends that only worked in bars collecting the glasses while Dave was playing for football teams.

A few days after Dave came into Holyhead School, Darren Moore (former Albion defender and Holyhead student) came and talked about other jobs and football. Here is a quote that he said to students, “I may be a coach on the playing field but the teachers that teach you are your life-coaches.” Moore also said to students, “To become the best you want to be you need to be focused, motivated and inspired….and you need a can do attitude.”

Students really enjoyed the talk and got involved in some activities too, Abidur from O9 said it was “helpful and interesting,” and Tadiwa and Murjan also said it was “inspirational, motivational and helpful for the future."


Written by Arron M3 and Sahill E8

Holyhead’s Got Talent

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On the 11th of May 2017, Holyhead’s Meriden College put on its very own talent show to raise money for Birmingham Children's Hospital. Acts included, singing, instrumentals and bike tricks. It was a great night overall and it was a pleasure to see so many amazing talents. Staff were also able to take part: Mr Wafi performed some bike tricks but was unfortunate not to win. He said, “ I basically have to put some more hours of practise in.”

Congrats to Leila of M8 for winning the talent show by performing her very own cover of Charlie Puth’s ‘One Call Away’ and taking home the trophy.

One of the judges, Mr Glasspool, said that students “do so many talented things outside of the classroom and this is a great opportunity to showcase these talents” and urged more students to take part next year. Meriden College managed to raise an outstanding amount of over £300.

Written by Lipika E10 and Mariam M12

Ruthless Rugby

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Just before we broke up last term, the Year 7 and 8 girls went to a rugby coaching team and were coached on how to play rugby professionally. Our BBC School Report team went along to interview professional coaches and players from other schools. We were lucky enough to meet a retired England rugby player, Paul Sackey, and managed to ask him a few questions about the Wasps’ programme and his past rugby experience. “I played in a team called ‘Toulon’ in France and played for England. I decided to retire 3 years ago as I felt it was time for me to leave. I enjoyed my 16 years of competing in tournaments across the world, and have now decided to coach schools on rugby to help them stay fit and play rugby.” explained Paul Sackey.
We interviewed another coach who told Mrs Gill about the event. “What we do is help schools that already play rugby to improve and define their skills and we introduce and help schools that are new to rugby. I have worked for Wasps for over 5 years and started working with them since they moved to the area,” replied Ian who helped with the organisation and planning of this event.


“We received an email asking whether we wanted to take part in the coaching and were delighted that we we were offered this opportunity as Wasps is a very prestigious rugby club,” said Mrs Gill.

Written by Manpreet O6 & Simrat E7

Life In The Premier League

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Holyhead School FC

As part of our link with local Premiership football team WBA, our students were invited to take part in a tournament to compete against other schools at West Brom’s indoor training centre. Holyhead faced Leasowes, Kinver and Willenhall in the group stages of the competition. They lost 4-3 to Leasowes in the first game but won their final two games against Kinver and Willenhall and qualified for the semi finals. Unfortunately they lost 5-4 in the semi-finals to Tudor Grange who went on to win the tournament overall. 

Safi's interview with Lawrence Roberts of West Bromwich Albion Football Club

Holyhead student Safi met up with Lawrence from the WBA Academy for a Q&A session:

What is your role at West Brom?

My role is Post 16 coordinator at the club. We run courses through schools where students play football and can achieve a BTEC Extended Diploma. My role today is to organise and run the tournament and ensure the day goes well. The teams we have invited here today are the schools that we want to form a partnership with in the near future or schools where the course already runs.

How long did it take to organise the event?

Started planning it in September. We had to check the availability of the venue before we could do other things. Once West Brom confirmed the date we just worked back from that date. We are here today because most of the academy teams have now finished training for this month. 

Are you making the tournament an annual event? 

We are looking to run this tournament again next year and possibly another tournament in the summer after the season has finished. This is the second year we have done this competition and it is beneficial to us. It allows us to start to build a rapport with the students and the staff.

What inspired you to run the tournament?

There are two reasons why we chose to run the tournament. Firstly it is a good marketing tool and it shows the community that we want to be involved in developing young people. Secondly, it allows student to use facilities that they wouldn't normally get the chance to play in. This is a Premier League facility and a lot of professionals use it. It's good to think that they are playing on the same pitch as some of their idols.

Holyhead students making the most of their training session at West Brom. BOING BOING!

Do you think that the tournament has been successful?

It has been wonderful today for everyone involved. There has been no problems with the boys and everyone has shown a good and committed attitude. It has also given us an opportunity to speak to the students about what we do.

Written by Safi O4 (On behalf of BBC School Report)

Corwen Bank Money For Children In Need!

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From face painting and Pudsey Bear ears to samosas and cake...Corwen had it all going on!

Friday 18th November 2016, Cowen College held a fundraising event and were hoping to raise £500 for their charity. They managed to raise £453 and with the help of Lloyds Bank who matched the figure actually raise £906. Well done to all involved.
The atmosphere was really chaotic, but only because everyone had a brilliant time. There was loads of food on sale: pancakes with fruit and Nutella, cakes and the samosas sold out in minutes. People from other colleges enjoyed this amazing event along with the hosting college, Corwen. Their great crusade to raise money for Children in Need wasn’t wasted whatsoever. It has definitely gone towards a good cause and may have affected children's lives around the world for the better.
We asked one of the organisers, Miss Wedderburn, how the money would be used, “There are many children throughout the world in need, so we aim to raise money to provide them with shelter, clean water, get an education and buy clothes for them.” 
Mrs Williams, who played a major role in organising the event introduced us to Anil Karra from Lloyds Bank who was very impressed with Corwen’s efforts and said, “We’re hoping to beat last year’s total and it’s looking good so far.” 

A big shout out to Corwen and Lloyds Bank for a funtastic event!

Written by Roshni O9, Aaron O9 & Tafdil E7

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