Apprentice visits Holyhead 2/12/15

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Melody Hossaini, former Apprentice star, delivered an inspirational talk to students on taking advantage of opportunities that could change their career. She also delivered a small talk about her background and childhood.

At Oxford Brookes University she studied law and won an award for setting up a youth outreach programme. She quoted, “I think I worked really hard in both school and sixth form and then university.” After university, she established her own company called `InspirEngage International` in the year 2009. InspirEngage International is a wide social enterprise challenging participants to help young people and women to develop their skills for a fulfilling career. It is one of the world’s leading organisations, it has helped over 100 countries around the world, and reached 1 million people in only 4 years of when InspirEngage was founded. InspirEngage International is working to turn enterprise education on its head by focusing strongly on social enterprise and working with schools, colleges and universities. They are also trying to fit it firmly into the curriculum. They help students build confidence in bootcamps, inspirational activities and educational talks. She explained that “Education is really important” and advised students to “make the most of your school life.”

Her main message is to “Say yes to opportunities that come by, show up to things, get involved in things even if they sound boring! Also it doesn’t matter what  you look like and what your background is.” She goes on to say “I think the behavior is more important than grades like applying yourself when your grades aren't good and persevering and trying even harder, (even when it gets really tough.)”

Finally, we would like to thank Melody Hossaini for taking her time to come to visit Holyhead School and deliver an educational and inspirational talk to students. 

Reporting live on the scene Rehan and Inderpal.                                                              Organisers of this amazing event 

                                                                                                                                                            Mrs Sehra and Mr Briah.

Happy students leaving a happy Melody.