Aston Martin Drive Students Insane With Excitement 12/2/16

posted Feb 29, 2016, 1:25 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 29, 2016, 1:51 AM ]
Aston Martin, luxury british sports car manufacturers, delivered an inspirational talk about careers to students at Holyhead School. Bal Choda, Chief Engineer, delivered the talk supported by assistant Mat and Holyhead staff, Mrs Fear and Miss Vesey. Organiser Mrs Fear said: ”Only eighteen schools in the whole of the U.K have had this opportunity and they usually attend only once, however Holyhead have had this privilege twice.”

The event was organised by Product Design teachers at Holyhead School to inspire and educate students about where STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) related subjects could take them. Teachers wanted to explain to students that careers don't just require: English, Maths and Science, but subjects like Art, Design Technology and Graphics and Communication can get you really good jobs!

The phenomenal car was parked right outside the school reception area and a number of students and teachers saw the car as soon as it arrived. All wanted to have a look inside this beautiful car but only the teachers were allowed.

Students were lining up an hour before the presentation eager and enthusiastic about the talk and arrived especially early just to get the best seats! Bal Choda, talked about how amazing it is working for a luxury car company and that you should get jobs that you enjoy and not settle for a job that you will be bored in all day long. This is ideal as Aston Martin recently announced that they are to build a new luxury car in Athan, Wales creating 750 jobs. The village was chosen out of 20 global locations.

As they left they also expressed their appreciation for Holyhead by giving unique prizes to students after a challenging quiz, such as: Aston Martin books, a sample of the car’s leather and posters, for which students were really thankful for.

Bal focused on what STEM was about and then told us briefly the history of how the Aston Martin Car Company started. Bal said that he enjoyed his work so much that he got up before the alarm even went off at 4:30 am! He said: "It's like a hobby to work in engineering and at the end of the month I get paid!" He also told us that Aston Martin staff worked only four-and-a-half days a week and they occasionally spot famous celebrities on site. Can’t be bad.

The Aston Martin V8 Vantage Coupe.                                                                                  Holyhead students welcome Aston Martin.

BBC Reporters with Chief Engineer, Bal Choda.