Careers in Football

posted Jul 7, 2017, 3:50 AM by K Fellows   [ updated Jul 7, 2017, 3:52 AM ]
On the 25th of May, Dave Lawrence from The Albion Foundation, came to Holyhead school to give advice about careers in football and other sports.
Dave advised students that there are many more jobs in the football industry than just playing football. “People overlook these jobs because they don't see them as important but they are because if football teams didn't have catering staff the team would go hungry and they probably wouldn't do well in their game.”

He then talked about refereeing; he said that to be a referee you need to go to a school where they teach you about the football rules and they give advice on how to become a better referee. Dave also talked about groundskeepers: he said “ the groundskeepers are important because if football teams didn't have them the playing fields would be muddy and the team wouldn't be able to play on it.” There are a great number of other behind-the-scenes jobs that are as important. 
When Dave himself trying to become a football coach he tried his hardest and he worked harder than his friends that only worked in bars collecting the glasses while Dave was playing for football teams.

A few days after Dave came into Holyhead School, Darren Moore (former Albion defender and Holyhead student) came and talked about other jobs and football. Here is a quote that he said to students, “I may be a coach on the playing field but the teachers that teach you are your life-coaches.” Moore also said to students, “To become the best you want to be you need to be focused, motivated and inspired….and you need a can do attitude.”

Students really enjoyed the talk and got involved in some activities too, Abidur from O9 said it was “helpful and interesting,” and Tadiwa and Murjan also said it was “inspirational, motivational and helpful for the future."


Written by Arron M3 and Sahill E8