Careers talk on the Scientific World in the NHS

posted Jul 18, 2018, 4:34 AM by R Dhanjal

‘Careers talk on the Scientific World in the NHS’

On Friday 29th June we were privileged to welcome and host Professor Ian Cumming CEO, NHS,  he talked about a number of careers opportunities within the NHS, ranging from IT/ Clinical Engineers to Mental Health Nurses etc.

The NHS is the largest employee in the UK and the fifth largest employer in the world with 350 different jobs. In addition, he went through a range of changes that have taken place in the NHS over the last 10 years. From AI technology which helps with operations,  to having pods that have new ways of predicting, preventing, monitoring, diagnosing and treating some conditions, these will be around in

supermarkets which means you do not need to see or book an appointment a your GP.

His talk was very informative and inspirational the aim was to provide us different pathways ways of getting into the NHS.

As Professor Cumming says, “Give yourself the edge”. This quote symbolises the effort and training they need to achieve the best that they deserve in the future.

He also explains the importance of Genomics and how it can help us to identify the diseases or strange circumstances in the body. together with the impact of technology and science on healthcare.

At the end of the talk he mentioned that NHS is celebrating its 70th birthday on  5th July 2018. During his careers within the NHS Ian has gained experiences and contributed to decision making to improve the health education.

Overall, his talk was informative and encouraging for our students to step out to achieve their aims. We would like to extend a warm thank you to Professor Ian Cumming for coming to Holyhead School and to delivering an inspiring talk.

Thanks to Speaker for Schools and Mrs Mistry for organising this careers talk.

BBC School Reporter: Kamni Year 10