Exam Stress and Depression!

posted Apr 2, 2019, 2:44 AM by R Dhanjal   [ updated Apr 2, 2019, 2:45 AM ]

What is exam stress and depression?

Exam stress is quite prevalent at this time for the Year 11 GCSE students. This is because they get put under so much pressure; the need to get high grades to have the career they really want and the feeling of everything changing in your life. This then leads to them not knowing how to cope with their thoughts so therefore become stressed out!

As a cause of too much stress it then progresses into depression. Depression is when you physically and mentally give up on something, in this case exams!  When students expect A LOT from themselves they overthink everything and then become anxious!

How to cope with exam stress and depression!

Instead of feeling these horrible emotions, there are ways to overcome them:

1). One way to overcome these thoughts is to be regular and persistent with your study programme and routine, meaning use your time wisely and test yourself, especially  on your mistakes!

2). Make sure you don’t overdo things from studying too much, so take breaks, enjoy your hobbies, eat healthy and do some exercise!

3). Make sure that you are getting enough sleep because your brain needs rest so that you can think!

4). Lastly try to find friends or family that can motivate and support you through tough times and tell you that everything is okay!


Once you understand these points you WILL   feel much better because worrying and stressing over exams is just a waste of time, it does not make you feel any better so instead be POSITIVE!


By Riandeep  C3.