Black History Month Showcase report 22/10/15

posted Oct 22, 2015, 5:42 AM by J Grant   [ updated Dec 1, 2015, 3:49 AM by K Fellows ]
Thursday 22nd October 2015 was the Black History Showcase at Holyhead School.
The BBC reporters were out there reporting.

It was an absolute success, the music the speeches and the drama. It was inspirational hearing the speeches as each talker had different stories to tell. The music was so good it made you want to sing along, it made you want to get up out of your seat and start dancing. It even got some of our Holyhead teachers up and dancing on their feet. 
The drama pieces really took you to the past, it showed how people were treated and what challenges they had to overcome to be here today. I found the acts very comical as they used comedy to tell a story about discrimination and racism in Birmingham in the late 50s. There were many others speakers such as, Councillor Sharon Thompson and Mykal Brown founder of WASSIFA inner city Sound Systems. It was a very interesting and exciting occasion as they had a range of events and entertainment. 
Personally my favourite event of the night was Mr Bayliss’ speech as he made it humorous but also very interesting. 
He talked about his life as a kid growing up and his general experience in Handsworth, and at Holyhead School.
Towards the end event, we had some great opportunities to watch some live music performances. The band that played for us was a Birmingham band called Gabbidon, with former members of Steel Pulse. Everyone cheerfully clapped and sung along to a couple of the songs. Overall it was a fantastic way to end the event. 
After the event we interviewed some people to see what their opinions were. We interviewed a lady named Jenny who told us she was invited by the school as she was the mother-in-law of one the singers who performed for us. She described our event using three words “Fantastic, great and exciting.” We also interviewed Mr Mykal Brown who was a speaker at our event. Mr Brown is the Community Link Manager at South & City College and is the founder of WASSIFA inner city Sound Systems, which was established in 1972 in Handsworth. He said “I was asked to come and talk about my journey growing up in Handsworth and to where I am now.” Another thing he said was “I am always reaching out to push education towards young students in the community; hopefully they’ll use it in future”. Another great day at Holyhead! 

Reported by

Henna O5, Preeti C4, Priya C6, Inderpal M1, Rehan M2 and Rayan O12.