IDG Event - 'The Hidden Job Market' 5/11/15

posted Nov 27, 2015, 1:07 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 27, 2015, 3:57 AM ]
On 5th November Holyhead held a careers talk for Year 12 students about the hidden job market within the food industry.

The event was organised by an umbrella organisation for the food and consumer goods industry, IGD. They arranged for top volunteers from across the industry, such as CEO’s and Regional Director’s, to deliver two hour sessions to inspire students. Speakers included Anne Bordier from IGD, Jenny from Two Sisters, Cat Barrett from Marks & Spencers, Afreen Akhtar and Petrins DeGouttes from Future First. The sessions aim to develop students’ written communication skills by giving them the opportunity to write CVs and covering letters as well as a host of other skills.
We interviewed Jenny from Two Sisters Food Group. We asked Jenny various questions such as how did you manage to get this job? Jenny replied saying, “I worked in HR for a couple of years and then I wanted to do something different, so I discussed it with my manager and she suggested this job, and it seemed like a perfect fit, I've really enjoyed it!” We also asked her what advice would you give the students here at Holyhead School? She answered saying, “To take every opportunity that comes, and just give it a go, and you never know what opportunities may arise!” This just goes to show, you should never say no!

We also interviewed Afreen Akhtar and Petrins DeGouttes from Future First. They both answered our questions about their position in Future First. We asked them how long did it take for them to reach their position?” Petrins replied, “Good question! So before I was in Future First I worked for many different charities … also in Year 10 I did some work experience at my local paper. I also went to sixth form and university and I did a writing course. After all this experience I decided I wanted to help people so that’s how I got to Future First.” Afreen also said, “I feel really privileged to be working for Future First.” These were two great role models for our students at Holyhead School.

From the students’ reactions we could see that they had gained a lot of information and knowledge from the workshop that they attended. Another great event at Holyhead!

Reported by:

Henna O5, Preeti C4, Priya C6 and Inderpal M1.