Impact in Learning 14/1/16

posted Jan 29, 2016, 2:03 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 29, 2016, 2:04 AM ]

Holyhead held a Literary Workshop for parents and students in January. Led by Mr Minhas, simple techniques and strategies along with resources were available to parents to help them support their child at home. Research shows that with parents involvement and having them kept informed about activities, there is a considerable improvement in students’ grades. Holyhead is aiming to strengthen the partnership between parents and school to support students’ learning.

My name is Preeti, a BBC School Reporter, and I have chosen to take part in the Literacy Workshop to improve my grades and to make sure I’m successful in my grades for Year 11.

It was a really good workshop as I learned a lot from it and took away really good resources. One of the resources was a packed full of powerful adjectives and sentence starters. I feel it will help with improving my vocabulary when writing essays for English Literature and any Speaking and Listening assessments. The workshop was very beneficial and I am very happy I took part in it.

My mom came along with me to see how I worked and to help out.

My mom was surprised to see how I work as she got a clear picture on what she could to do help me to improve my English.

The atmosphere was really calm, engaging and relaxing. Parents were saying they would love for another workshop to take place to help their child get good grades.

In the future I would like more workshops to take place so I can improve my English further.

Preeti C4