Life In The Premier League

posted Feb 1, 2017, 2:10 AM by K Devonport   [ updated Feb 1, 2017, 2:13 AM ]
Holyhead School FC

As part of our link with local Premiership football team WBA, our students were invited to take part in a tournament to compete against other schools at West Brom’s indoor training centre. Holyhead faced Leasowes, Kinver and Willenhall in the group stages of the competition. They lost 4-3 to Leasowes in the first game but won their final two games against Kinver and Willenhall and qualified for the semi finals. Unfortunately they lost 5-4 in the semi-finals to Tudor Grange who went on to win the tournament overall. 

Safi's interview with Lawrence Roberts of West Bromwich Albion Football Club

Holyhead student Safi met up with Lawrence from the WBA Academy for a Q&A session:

What is your role at West Brom?

My role is Post 16 coordinator at the club. We run courses through schools where students play football and can achieve a BTEC Extended Diploma. My role today is to organise and run the tournament and ensure the day goes well. The teams we have invited here today are the schools that we want to form a partnership with in the near future or schools where the course already runs.

How long did it take to organise the event?

Started planning it in September. We had to check the availability of the venue before we could do other things. Once West Brom confirmed the date we just worked back from that date. We are here today because most of the academy teams have now finished training for this month. 

Are you making the tournament an annual event? 

We are looking to run this tournament again next year and possibly another tournament in the summer after the season has finished. This is the second year we have done this competition and it is beneficial to us. It allows us to start to build a rapport with the students and the staff.

What inspired you to run the tournament?

There are two reasons why we chose to run the tournament. Firstly it is a good marketing tool and it shows the community that we want to be involved in developing young people. Secondly, it allows student to use facilities that they wouldn't normally get the chance to play in. This is a Premier League facility and a lot of professionals use it. It's good to think that they are playing on the same pitch as some of their idols.

Holyhead students making the most of their training session at West Brom. BOING BOING!

Do you think that the tournament has been successful?

It has been wonderful today for everyone involved. There has been no problems with the boys and everyone has shown a good and committed attitude. It has also given us an opportunity to speak to the students about what we do.

Written by Safi O4 (On behalf of BBC School Report)