Meet Holyhead's BBC School Report team! (2015-2016)

posted Dec 8, 2015, 6:39 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 7, 2016, 6:00 AM ]
                            Holyhead School have a new team of BBC School Reporters for 2015-2016. They are keen and enthusiastic students from Year 8 and 9, and are ready to report on any stories happening within Holyhead School, their community and further afield.  

Inderpal M1
Hi, my name is Inderpal and I am a Year 8 student at Holyhead School. The main reason I joined the BBC School Report team was because I wanted to get involved in extra-curricular activities to help my written and communication skills. I think that BBC School Report will help me in various subjects and help me in my education. So far, being a part of the BBC School report has encouraged me to watch the news and I have taken an interest in the editorial aspects of the news. I want to be able to create good news stories and learn how to edit stories and make them engaging for the audience. I am looking forward to this year at Holyhead School.

Preeti C4
My name is Preeti and I am a Year 9 student at Holyhead School. I want to be a BBC  School Reporter because I want to give the voiceless a voice. I am a confident and opinionated person and feel that I possess all the qualities that a good reporter should have. I want to report on stories that take place in my school environment and in our local community. I feel that this will allow people to see what our incredible community – Handsworth has to offer. Furthermore, I feel that the BBC School report will also allow me to report on stories that are affecting not only our community, but the country. 

Henna O5
I’m Henna and I’m currently in Year 9 at Holyhead School. The main reason I signed up to take part in The BBC School News Report is because I want to experience what it feels like to be part of a News Reporting Team. Another major reason as to why I want to participate in this activity is because I enjoy photography and filming, therefore this seems like a great opportunity for me to be involved in. Also, it leaves a good impression of you in front of members of staff around the school.

Rehan M2 
I am currently a Year 9 student at Holyhead School. I am a part of the BBC School report as journalism is something that really interests me. I feel that I have the right set of skills such as; energy, enthusiasm, flair, imagination, passion, analytical skills and intellectual curiosity. I feel that these are some of the key ingredients that you must have in order to be a successful journalist. Being a part of BBC School report has helped me with my literacy and verbal skills. It has also helped me in my other subjects such as IT, Maths and History. It has been a fantastic experience to represent Holyhead School and I am eagerly looking forward to upcoming projects.

Priya C6 
I am currently a Year 9 student at Holyhead School. I have always had an interest in the news as I feel that the news is a crucial aspect to our lives. The news permits people to access what is happening around the world. Therefore, I believe that reporters are very powerful as they are the first people to see what has happened and report on the truth. I feel that I have the passion and drive to be a part of the BBC School Report and report on events that take place in my community. In particular I would like to report on sporting events that take place in school and in the community. Being a part of the BBC School Report is a very exciting opportunity for me and I am keen to see what the upcoming year has to offer me and the team.