Meridan £5 Challenge

posted Dec 19, 2017, 1:11 AM by R Dhanjal

Interviewing Mrs Edwards

(SSWO of Meriden)

We have started by asking Mrs Edwards about the event; she answered that the event is to raise money for organisations. In one hand Meriden raises money for Birmingham  Children Hospital and in the other hand they have been sponsoring a special young lady for 3 years helping her with her education, and to make her life easier. Another part of the fundraising is also used for Meriden College itself to celebrate occasions and to allow young people in Meriden have more opportunities and rewarding them. As an answer for our question on how did Meriden get inspired in doing the £5 challenge, she answered that her and Mrs Denny had an idea of instead of rewarding their students with certificates they would to start from something small to make it into a bigger event.

So from their ideas they picked the £5 challenge, it also makes it fun for them to raise money. Meriden started doing the £5 challenge last year as Mrs Denny and Mrs Edwards saw that their idea came to life and became successful, they thought of doing it again for the  next year. She said, “The most interesting thing that happened last year was a form that started with a £5 note and made up to a whopping £470 for charity. It felt amazing to raise money for the Birmingham Children's Hospital and has a  huge life changing impact on the girl's life  who we are fundraising for.” Mrs Edwards said that they will fundraise her until she reaches the age of 16 years old. She said that once they stop sponsoring the girl they will try fundraising for more people instead of one person, they will try their best to fundraise for a whole village rather than an individual. Meriden said that they support the charity because they support young people. She revealed that before Meriden supported Birmingham Children’s Hospital, a student from Meriden came from the hospital and voiced an idea to Mrs Denny that they should be fundraising for Birmingham Children’s Hospital because  they supported the student very well and did a great job to help.

Meriden supports this challenge in many ways from:

Selling cakes, sweet, drinks and ice cream to pieing teachers.

Miss Edwards said, “We are looking for about  a whooping £300!!! for this year.”

The grand question was if she was proud of her college as she answers, “I am very proud of my College and Meriden is  the best College in raising money for charity.”

BBC School Reporters: Arron M3, Jasmeen O7, Aya O7 and Samilepreet C9