Ruthless Rugby

posted Feb 15, 2017, 12:43 AM by
Just before we broke up last term, the Year 7 and 8 girls went to a rugby coaching team and were coached on how to play rugby professionally. Our BBC School Report team went along to interview professional coaches and players from other schools. We were lucky enough to meet a retired England rugby player, Paul Sackey, and managed to ask him a few questions about the Wasps’ programme and his past rugby experience. “I played in a team called ‘Toulon’ in France and played for England. I decided to retire 3 years ago as I felt it was time for me to leave. I enjoyed my 16 years of competing in tournaments across the world, and have now decided to coach schools on rugby to help them stay fit and play rugby.” explained Paul Sackey.
We interviewed another coach who told Mrs Gill about the event. “What we do is help schools that already play rugby to improve and define their skills and we introduce and help schools that are new to rugby. I have worked for Wasps for over 5 years and started working with them since they moved to the area,” replied Ian who helped with the organisation and planning of this event.


“We received an email asking whether we wanted to take part in the coaching and were delighted that we we were offered this opportunity as Wasps is a very prestigious rugby club,” said Mrs Gill.

Written by Manpreet O6 & Simrat E7