Staff and Student Intercollege Cricket

posted Jul 19, 2016, 6:06 AM by   [ updated Jul 19, 2016, 6:07 AM ]

On Thursday 7th July 2016 there was a unique cricket match held on the astroturf: the inaugural staff/student intercollege cricket  organised by Mr Hussain, inspired by Mr Roach’s retirement.

We asked Mr Hussain a variety of different questions, we asked him what the purpose of the event was he told us that “The purpose of the event is to bring staff and students together and we also thought it would be a good idea as Mr Roach Was leaving.” We also asked him where he got the idea of this event from and he told us “The idea came from when I was at school and we used to do a lot of staff, student matches!”

We asked Sahil in Year 8 and Sohail in Year 10 a few questions about the cricket match they were playing. These are some of the questions we asked and responses we got. What made you play cricket. “Watching my favourite cricketer play and watching Pakistan play and win cricket”. We also asked them how it feels to win or lose a cricket match. “Best feeling in the world and get a sudden adrenaline rush when we win a cricket match,” but losing...“Don’t want to think about the match and feels upsetting also feels pointless to have played cricket when we lose a cricket match.” Unluckily for the two Edgware boys the result was Oswestry and Corwen won by 6 wickets.

Of course we had to ask Mr Roach how he felt about the event and about leaving Holyhead School. “I will miss Holyhead a lot but I'll be around and about I just wanted to move on to something different and new  but I will miss everyone here!” He also told us that he was excited to play the cricket match but also upset as it was his last game at Holyhead School.

Everyone at Holyhead School will miss Mr Roach very much and are very grateful for his 21 years service at Holyhead School!