Trinity Square

posted Apr 2, 2019, 2:40 AM by R Dhanjal   [ updated Apr 2, 2019, 2:43 AM ]
Wow who would believe it….. Trinity Square!

The amazing Trinity Square in our school performing live. Blowing the roof off and entering with a bang!

Five guys bringing a music sensation to our ears. They were confidently beaming with content and wanted to share their love of music with us. Three fresh sounds making Holyhead students jump with joy. One of the members of the group was talking about you having to “be who are and not follothers” which is quite important in the music industry because you should be able to express yourself through music.

We were grateful that we got the chance to ask Trinity Square some questions, we eagerly wanted to know things such as; their inspirations, where the name came from and how they met.

Their message was people can become anything they believe in if they set their heart on  it, and students have the privilege to education and can express who they are in school.  “We’ve known eachother since school” this was evident in the way the way they presented themselves and interacted with each other. The bonds young people make in school are important and may  have an impact on their future.

“ It started as jokes, most people don't realise the fact that they are capable of doing so much, being  young doesn’t mean that you cannot be what you want and

you don’t have to wait till your older”. School friends, Trinity Square, distinctly show how they drastically changed their lives with music.

Many students at Holyhead study  music and are able to produce music so they have the same opportunities to be as big as Trinity Square.

There are many challenges that young people will  face while pursuing to be what they want and Trinity Square generously shared their experiences with us. We extremely appreciated them making the time to visit Holyhead School.

Thank you Trinity Square!

Reporters: Riandeep C3 and Zeenat O9.

Videographer/Photographer: Arron M4.