West Bromwich Albion Links with Holyhead

posted Nov 30, 2016, 12:58 AM by kdevonport@holyheadschool.org.uk
On Tuesday 8th November after school, we were privileged to have coaches from the WBA Foundation give our Year 11’s a coaching session. We interviewed Dave Lawrence, who is a sports development coach and travels to secondary schools, primary schools and community centres in Birmingham and Sandwell areas.
Dave commented, “We are half a mile away from Holyhead so it seems a bit of a crime not to get involved.” 
“ We are also going to run a program, for 16-18 year olds for the post 16 academy."
West Bromwich Albion also run a scholarship program that allows 16-18 year olds to get into West Bromwich Albion Football Academy to try and improve their football skills as well as physical ability. The students looked like they were having a fantastic time and were asking lots of questions, eager to learn more about dribbling, reaction time, passing and the whole aspect of football in general. The year 11s will also have the chance to get scouted by teams from abroad.
Head of PE Mrs Gill told us that this was a taster session to set up a football scholarship for Sixth Formers next year, which will be run alongside an extended diploma taught by Mrs Gill herself in the PE department. “There will be six to seven hours of coaching by WBA coaches and students will play in the British College League every Wednesday.” She also told us that there is a lot to gain from this and there are future prospects, “The diploma is worth 3 A levels and there is a chance to be signed by WBA to play semi-pro football, not just this but you could be scouted for a football scholarship in the USA.”
Exciting times ahead for Holyhead School and the local Premiership football club. We wish the club and our students every success.

Written by Arron M3 & Hamza M7