What a Buzz! Can Only Be the Spelling Bee 2018

posted Jul 18, 2018, 4:33 AM by R Dhanjal

What a Buzz!

Can Only Be the Spelling Bee


Thursday 7th March was the day of the final round for Holyhead’s Spelling Bee. The excitement and the cheering was extraordinary and symbolised the enthusiasm around the school for this event; you couldn’t even imagine the energetic waves in the atmosphere around that time.

This event was organised by our new, well-organised English teacher Miss Daya who put a lot of effort into making it such an exciting and memorable event. We interviewed her and she had  really positive response, she said, “ The finalists were so confident. The atmosphere was amazing and I couldn’t ask for more. The audience were so supportive and not just encouraging own their friends; they were supportive for people in different Years. I’m really really happy and proud of them.”   

Our four finalist from different  Colleges were very nervous, but the enthusiastic and optimistic audience were wiping their uneasiness away.  However, there were some moments when the finalist suffered from nerves and could not pronounce the spelling accurately; this made the atmosphere so tense but our confident contestants

managed to overcome this hurdle. However our Oswestry contestant Julie had a pleasing response for our amazing audience as she said, “I was honored; I was really proud.”

Many students contributed their own time to make special posters and banners to support the contestants.  With the help of all the staff members, audience and our finalist the Spelling Bee went stunningly well leaving us with a great memory that will always stay with us.

Thank you to Miss Daya and our lovely audience who showed their enthusiastic support during the event.  However, the suspense continues… To find out the results we all have to wait for Presentation Evening when the winner will be announced, or you can enjoy the youtube live feed which goes out on 15th March.

Reporters: Javaria M7 and Kamni O9