College System

In September 2007 we moved to a ‘Vertical Tutoring System’ at Holyhead by grouping all staff and students into one of four different Colleges.

This has enabled us to improve care and guidance for all of our students by introducing four distinct ‘schools within a school’ and grouping all students in tutor groups containing students of all ages.

This gives tutors the opportunity to work with smaller groups of students and facilitate more effective peer mentoring.

The four Colleges are Edgware, Meriden, Oswestry and Corwen. Each represents a place along the historic London to Holyhead Road, or the ‘Great Irish Road’ as it was known in the 19th Century, which links London with the sea route to Dublin via Holyhead in Wales. The Holyhead Road is a marvel of modern engineering and gives Holyhead School its name. 

Heads of College
Mr Lovell - Edgware
Mrs Denny - Meriden
Mrs Marnell - Oswestry
Mr Wright - Corwen

Two sections of the road, in particular, the Edgware Road in London and the Soho Road in Birmingham, are world famous as centres of ethnic diversity and serve areas where the positive effects of immigration have been felt for many centuries.

We believe the College System encourages students to work together more productively whilst feeling a sense of belonging to a community that strengthens their bond with the school as a whole.

In particular, we are convinced that this system:
  • allows more effective communication between home and school
  • enables closer monitoring of student progress
  • leads to increased attainment
  • provides opportunities for healthy competition between Colleges
  • strengthens relationships between staff and students