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School Meals

The school enjoys modern and extensive kitchen facilities and a cafeteria service for light refreshments is available at morning break. During break and lunchtime, all students stay inside the school and use the cafeteria.

The school runs its own catering business with the emphasis very much on ‘Healthy Eating For All’. The catering staff provide special ‘Meals for the Day’ alongside a wide variety of other choices. There is always a full salad bar, fresh fruit and water available. We therefore ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have a healthy, balanced diet. Students are not allowed to leave the school site at lunchtime. In addition, a Breakfast Club is held every morning from 8.00am - 8.30am.

Cashless system

The school has a cashless system for the catering service which has proved to be a big success for the students and school.

How does the ‘cashless system’ work?

As in many schools in the UK, each student is identified by their thumb or fingertip. Each student’s finger or thumb tip is photographed and converted into a series of numbers using new digital technology. Once a student is given a number, he/she simply presses their finger or thumb to a pad in the dining area after they have collected their food.

What are the benefits of this system?
  • Faster access to food
  • No need for coins, tickets or swipe cards on a daily basis
  • Automatic barring of specific food allergy ingredients for relevant students
  • Detailed reports available for parents/carers on what food is consumed by children
Your child is entitled to a free school meal if your family is in receipt of Income Support and if you have applied to the Local Authority or the school directly. Students who received free meals in their primary schools will have to re-apply to ensure continued entitlement when they commence at Holyhead. If you need to apply for free meals, you will be asked to complete the Birmingham City Council online application form prior to your child commencing at Holyhead.