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Staff List

TEACHING STAFF (Autumn 2019)

Mr R Trafford


Mr D Knox

Deputy Principal - Director of Sixth Form

Mrs T Wharton

Deputy Principal

Mrs S Anwar


Ms U Aziz

English - Subject Lead English KS3 Literature

Mrs S Banger

Vice Principal

Mr S Bloomer


Miss C Bradley

Assistant Director of Learning - Humanities, Community Leader

Miss C Brandy

Director of Learning - Creative Arts

Subject Leader Drama

Mr S Briah

Business & ICT

Mr S Brown

Creative Arts - Music

Miss J Campbell

Vice Principal

Mrs L Clarke

Director of Learning - Humanities

Mrs P Davies

Health & Wellbeing - Food & Nutrition, DoFE Assistant Manager

Mrs A Daya

Assistant Director of Learning - English Language 

Mrs D Denny

Vice Principal - Safeguarding, Health & Wellbeing

Mr B Dhaled

Business and ICT

Ms B Dore


Mrs S Dubb

Subject Leader - Computing

Mrs J Edwards

Director of Learning - Modern Foreign Languages

Miss M Fiaz


Ms M Francis


Mr G Stacey


Mrs Y Geddes

Assistant Director of Learning - Creative Arts

Mrs C Gill

Director of Learning - Health & Wellbeing

Miss K Gill


Mr M Lightfoot


Ms Z Gordon

Subject Lead - Sociology - Head of Year 13

Mrs V Grego

Subject Lead French - Modern Foreign Languages 

Mrs J Honeyghan

Assistant Director of Sixth Form

Mr N Hutchins

Director of Learning - Social Science

Subject Lead - Media

Mr A Jaman

Science - E Learning Coordinator

Mrs C James


Mr D Wilkinson

Social Science

Miss K Johal

English - Subject Lead English KS3 Language

Mrs E Joyce

Humanities - RE

Mr F Khan

Humanities - History

Mr S Khan

Business & ICT

Miss A Khatun

Humanities - Cross Curricular

Mr N Lane


Mr O Lee

Assistant Director of Learning - Science

Miss J Lewis

Creative Arts - Music

Mr D Lovell

Assistant Vice Principal - Year 11 

Mrs L McKinney

Health & Wellbeing, Subject Lead - Food & Nutrition

Mr B Maguire

Director of Learning - Business & ICT

Miss N Masood


Mrs N Marnell

Assistant Vice Principal - Year 7 & 8

Mr D Maxwell

English - Raising Standards KS5

Mrs L Mehta

EAL Co-ordinator

Mr A Mellor

Director of Learning - Science

Ms R Menaouli

French - Modern Foreign Languages

MS S Cheema

Spanish - Modern Foreign Languages

Mr M Mills 

Health & Wellbeing Head of Boys’ Physical Education

Mr R Minhas


Ms D Moore


Mr C Muirhead


Mrs R Nessa


Miss S Nicholas


Miss S Patel


Ms R Percy

Creative Arts & SENCo

Mr J Prentice

Health & Wellbeing - Physical Education & Community Lead

Mr P Rafter

Assistant Director of Learning - English

Mr M Rahman

Mathematics & Community Lead

Mrs J Richards

Subject Lead - Health and Social Care

Miss S Rindi


Mrs C Robertson

Creative Arts - Art

Mrs K Robinson

Vice Principal - Teaching & Learning, SENCo

Miss P Rollings

Director of Learning - Mathematics

Mrs E Sabin-Simpson


Mrs M Sahonta

Director of Learning - English

Mrs H Sehra

Assistant Director of Learning - Business & ICT

Mrs M Sharma


Miss D Shergill

Social Sciences & Subject Lead - Psychology

Mr R Smeaton

Humanities - Subject Lead - History & Community Lead

Miss R Somerfield


Ms S Stafford

Creative Arts - Subject Lead Art & Design

Mr M Tariq


Mrs D Thacker

Subject Lead - Spanish, Modern Foreign Languages

Mr C Toney


Miss J Wade


Mrs R Wafi


Mr T Hillman

Science - STEM Coordinator 

Mr T Robinson

Creative Arts - Drama

Miss J Wilkinson

Health & Wellbeing - Physical Education

Mrs T Wilson

Director of ITT, Business & ICT

Mrs A Wilton

Religious Education

Mr D Wright

Assistant Vice Principal - Years 9 & 10

Miss N Yaqub

Science - Assessment Coordinator

ASSOCIATE STAFF (Autumn Term 2019)


Ms J Bent

Personal Assistant to the Principal 

Mr A Bowen

Vice Principal - Curriculum

Mrs C Dhaliwal

Sixth Form Administrator 

Miss S Gaughan

Exams and Data Officer

Mr Y Idris

Human Resources Manager

Mr P Evans

Pastoral Liaison/ Attendance Officer 

Mrs K Iwan

Sixth Form & Finance Administrator 

Mrs S Jones

Director of Careers Education

Mrs B Mandair

Administrative Officer

Mr N Glasspool

Operations Manager


Sixth Form Student Services Manager

Mrs A Mistry

Events Coordinator/ Administrator

Mrs A Murray

Student Support Services & Medical Officer

Mrs S Seniaray

Business Admin - Leadership Support

Miss H Sidhu

Vice Principal - School Business Manager

Mrs L Smith

Administrative Officer

Mrs K Whitehouse

Finance Officer

Mrs M Zaman

Finance Assistant




Mr D Brown

Art Technician 

Miss R Dhanjal

Media Technician

Mohammed Assouli

Foreign Language Assistant (FLA)

Mr M Giudici

ICT Support Manager

Mr J Grant

Graphic Web Design

Mr G Juss

ICT Support Officer

Mr L Lyall

ICT Support Officer

Ms S Miller

Life Skills

Ms M Noble

Open Learning Centre

Mr N Parmar

Laboratory Manager 

Miss F Parker

Science Technician 

Mrs H Paul

Science Technician 

Mr T Allsop

Science Technician 

Mrs B Thompson

Life Skills


Mr G Chaukria

Mr C Schultis

Miss C Sewell


Ms R Akhtar

Mrs C Reid - HLTA

Ms R Sogi - HLTA

Mr M Hasan

Mrs A Porter-Cuff


Mrs T Edwards – Head  of Year7

Mr E Smith – Head of Year 8

Ms K Phillips – Head of Year 9

Mr A Khan – Head of Year 10

Mrs S Parker – Head of Year 11

Mrs L Williams – Link Manager


Ms S Laundon

Facilities Manager

Mr M Fletcher

Site Supervisor

Mr T Shearer

Site Supervisor

Mr P Maguire

Site Supervisor

Mr Stewart Hackett

Site Supervisor

Mr M Fletcher

Facilities Management Apprentice

Mrs R Shepherd

Laundry & Life Skills Assistant


Miss L Banks

Mrs S Chohan

Mrs K R Devi

Mrs A Dhillon

Miss W Hopkins  - Catering Manager

Miss S Hussain

Mrs A Langley

Mrs C McCarthy

Mrs J Ogleby

Mrs T Patel

Mrs K Rani

Mrs W Gordan-Revan

Miss J Ward

Mrs Y Malonga


Mrs L Glass - Cleaning Supervisor

Mrs D Glass

Ms I Ferreira

Mrs J Smith

Mrs P Rani

Mrs T Manning

Mrs S Patel

Mrs M Kaur

Mrs K Devi

Mrs K Rani

Mrs H Patel

Mrs J Kaur