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Continued Learning for Years 7 - 9

posted Jul 17, 2020, 4:29 AM by Mark Giudici

17th July 2020

Dear Parents/Carers of Year 7-9 students,

Thank you for your ongoing support throughout this difficult period, we have been overwhelmed with your kind words, positive feedback and the hard work that you have been putting in to support your children with their home learning since March. As we begin the summer holidays, it is paramount that we ensure that our students continue to feel supported with their learning and recognise the importance of being fully prepared for when they start school in September.

For this reason, staff at Holyhead are currently working to ensure that our curriculum is thoroughly planned to address any opportunities in missed learning. We are committed to closing the gap so that no student at Holyhead is disadvantaged in any way by this unprecedented situation that we find ourselves in. 

Parents and students in Years 10 and 12 have already been written to explaining the summer holiday revision programme through the Exam Preparation work that has been set in face to face Tutorials to be ready for their assessments on the return to school in September.

For those students in the current Years 7-9 who have not been in school since March, we will continue to signpost students to online work which can be accessed during the summer holidays. This work can be found through the school website and also through our in-house platform of Google Classrooms. Much of this work is taken from both Oak Learning (the national ‘online school’ set up by the government in April) and BBC Bitesize. These two platforms have been producing lessons in many subjects for all year groups from Reception to Year 10 including maths, English and science since April, and whilst they will take a break from uploading new daily lessons from next week, you will be able to access their archived resources from the past 4 months. The lessons include features which have been created by teachers and educational experts. There is a selection of videos, animations, practice activities and quizzes to keep students engaged throughout the summer.

Please refer to the ‘Continued Learning for Years 7-9’ button on the school website over the summer where you will be directed to the hyperlinks for each year group. These will, in turn, take you to the subject specific learning that has been signposted by our staff.

This is not a direct demand and instruction for students to work through these activities on a daily basis during the holidays. We are fully aware of the amount of time and effort that students and families have put into the work set over the past 4 months, and we thank you for your ongoing commitment. We would like to encourage students to look at the links and see what interests them though, especially as 6 weeks can be a long time with hours to fill. There is significant research, including from the Education Endowment Foundation about the benefits of home learning and homework which indicates it can help lead to 5 months of additional progress for students who are into the right habits. By accessing these links, students will be able to opt into relevant and highly professional resources developing their knowledge and understanding of content in advance of September.

We are very much looking forward to working together with you on our common goals supporting your child in everything they do from this point on. We look forward to seeing you in September for the Tutor/Parent Contact Days. 

Our continued best wishes to you all and your families over the summer holidays.

Yours faithfully,

D Reddy                                                             D Knox

Deputy Principal, Behaviour & Attitudes     Deputy Principal, Quality of Education