Dear Parent/Carer,

RE: K9 Safety Searches in collaboration with Soho Neighbourhood Police Team

As part of our relationship with the Police, local residents and the wider community, we are supporting a Police initiative aimed at Drugs Education.

We feel that the reason that drugs issues are so rare at Holyhead is because we have an effective programme that contains preventative education, a commitment to high standards and high aspirations combined with a clear Policy that is available to view on the school website. Part of that policy is about the methods we use to routinely ‘random search’ groups of students. This has been happening for around 12 months. It is aimed at raising awareness and creating a culture where drugs use and the distribution of drugs is not acceptable. Thankfully, no random searches have resulted in proof of drug possession.

We are writing to inform you of an additional resource we will be deploying during the week commencing 25/02/20. We will be hosting a member of the local Police team who will be accompanied by a dog trained to detect illegal substances. The effectiveness of this commonly used strategy is dependent on the element of surprise. The timing of this letter is aimed to sustain our parent partnerships and inform you of our actions in loco parentis. It has deliberately been timed to limit the notification given to students whilst maintaining our open, transparent dialogue with the community.

We know that we can count on you for your positive support and engagement. If however, you do not consent to your child being involved, then do contact us immediately.

We can also signpost you to advice or support if you have suspicions that your child may be using, in possession of, or witnessing drug use. The energy for this additional Police initiative is drawn from increasing concerns from local residents about the use of Cannabis within the local area beyond the safety of the school.

We are very lucky that drugs do not impede the learning and development of our students. Isolated cases are extremely rare and dealt with robustly. Let’s keep it that way!  

To find out more about the work we do, recommended within the Department for Education Statutory Guidance and our own Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy, please contact us using or 01215231960.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs D Denny

Vice Principal and Designated Safeguarding Lead.