January 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

There have been concerns regarding robbery’s taking place on Soho Road recently involving young men, not from Holyhead School. In order to protect Holyhead students, please ensure your son/daughter is being extra vigilant on the way home from school and is accompanied by a friend whenever possible. If your child is concerned, they should come straight back to school so that we can inform the Police.

If you notice anything untoward, you can contact Mrs Denny (Designated Safeguarding Lead at Holyhead School), or call 101 and request the Soho Police team. We would like to reassure you that we have members of staff on duty along Soho Road outside the school. We have also been in contact with the Police and have requested further support at the end of the day.

Yours sincerely

Mrs D. Denny
(Vice Principal - Designated Safeguarding Lead)

ps: The recent spate of robberies on Soho Road - update