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School Reopening Update

posted Jun 2, 2020, 6:35 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 2, 2020, 6:48 AM ]
Dear Parents/Carers
2nd June 2020

As promised in our previous letter dated Thursday 21st May, we are providing an update on the current situation with the proposed opening of the school for 'face to face tutorial' sessions for Year 10 and Year 12 students, which are designed to support the continuation of online learning. In our previous letter we were working to a timescale based on previous government guidance which aimed for secondary schools to look to provide this form of provision from Monday 1st June, a date by which we did nqt believe the school could be made safe and ready for a return of staff and students.

It is now the intention of the government for secondary schools to reopen this half-term to Year 10 and 12 students from Monday 15th June at the earliest. This announcement from the Prime Minister on Sunday 24th May is more in line with our own planning and we are currently working very hard to put those plans into place to be able to safely welcome back smaller groups of Year 1 0 and Year 12 students from Monday 22nd June. This will not affect our current on-site provision for vulnerable children and those of key workers which will continue as normal and will take place separately from the Year 1 0 and Year 12 tutorials when they do return to school.

In another change, the Department for Education guidance now states that schools should only have ~ of the students in Year 1 0 and Year 12 in school a day, so we are now amending our plans to timetable a maximum of 50 Year 10 students and 32 Year
12 students to be on site each day provisionally from Monday 22nd June.

As previously stated in our communications regarding school reopening, there will be no return to school before September for Year 7-9 students. Online learning will continue using Google Classrooms for all students, with Year 7-9 exclusively being
educated online until we receive further guidance from the government (the DfE has yet to provide any guidance or information on plans for secondary education from September).

Our previous letter also provided you with an update on the measures already taken to make the site Covid-19 secure, the provisional plans for staff/student timetabling and the proposed Next Steps that we would be taking in preparation to ensure that we can open to these smaller groups of students from Monday 22nd June. We do not propose to repeat all of that information here again, however, we are providing an update on the Next Steps we will be taking following the most recent DfE guidance.

Next Steps from now until reopening

We intend to take the following steps to help to provide you with the confidence that it is safe for your son/daughter to return to Holyhead in this limited capacity at first:
  •  A team of staff will begin to make 'return to school' phone calls to all families of Year 1 0/12 students this week which will help us to find out the likely numbers of students who will be attending from Monday 22nd June. A key question that you will be asked is whether you are willing to send your child to school from Monday 22nd June. This is a decision that you should make as a family and we are here to provide you with the information you need to reach a decision. It is important to stress that should you decide to change your mind, you are free to, but we would appreciate you informing us of this by contacting the school reception. 
  • We will provide a virtual tour of the site, showing the measures we have taken to make the site Covid-19 secure available on the school website and social media platforms. 
  • We will send a leaflet and a letter home explaining the expectations and standards that are required to ensure learning will be able to continue whilst maintaining social distancing and hand/respiratory hygiene measures along with a copy of the tutorial timetable. 
  • A revised timetable of tutorials will be developed to ensure that we are following DfE guidance in terms of the numbers of students on site in any one day. 
It is essential to stress again that the decisions on reopening will be based on health and safety grounds, and should we not be 100% confident that we are ready to return on Monday 22nd June then we will push this date back to the following week. We alongside governors must ensure that safety is the priority over speed, and we will be guided by this principle. We thank you again for your patience and support with this.

Our continued best wishes to you all and your families. 

Yours faithfully,

D Reddy                                                                 D Knox
Deputy Principal, Behaviour & Attitudes         Deputy Principal, Quality of Education