Mass testing in school

Staff and students will have access to rapid testing from January to help as many students as possible to continue to be able to attend school because that is what is best for their education and wellbeing.

All secondary schools and colleges, including special schools and alternative provision settings, will be offered test kits to facilitate weekly testing of the secondary school and college workforce.

This will be coupled with serial testing of close contacts for both staff and students in secondary schools and colleges. This will help preserve face-to-face education by preventing close contacts from needing to self-isolate at home.

How do I consent to my child(ren) being tested?

The consent form is for participation in tests designed to detect asymptomatic coronavirus cases. Anyone experiencing symptoms should follow government guidelines to self-isolate, even if they have had a recent negative lateral flow test.

Consent relates to the following groups of students as follows:

  • Students in Years 7-11 - this form must be completed by the parent or legal guardian.
  • Students in Years 12 and 13 who are able to provide informed consent - can complete this form themselves, having discussed participation with their parent / guardian if under 18.
  • For students who do not have the capacity to provide informed consent - this form must be completed by the parent or legal guardian. Please complete one consent form for each child you wish to participate in testing.Where can I find out more about Asymptomatic testing in schools?
It is important that you complete one consent form for each child you wish to participate in testing.

If you are happy for your child to be tested, please fill in the following on-line consent form. By submitting this form you are consenting for your child to be tested. Alternatively, you can contact the school and request a paper copy of the form. The paper form must be brought into school by the student when requested.

If your child has been identified as being a close contact of another student who has tested positive and you DO NOT consent for your child to be tested then they must continue to follow national guidelines set out by Public Health England and self isolate for 10 days.

How do I found out more about Mass Testing?

How do I do the test?

While this is a self-swab test, there will be a testing helper who will oversee things and provide help if you need.  Please see the image below:-

What will you do with mine and my Child's personal data?

Please read our 'COVID-19 Testing Privacy Statement' for more information about what we do with your Personal Data

More information about Mass Testing can be found on the GOV.UK Website:-