ParentPay FAQs

I have forgotten my username or password. What do I do…

…if I know what username, or email address I used with ParentPay?

Forgotten your password?

Click the above link, you will be emailed a link to reset your password. You will need to use the link within 7 days - if you don’t, you will have to click the link again.

...if I can’t remember what my username is, or haven’t registered with an email address yet?

If your username is not your email address, or you’ve forgotten which email address you used, please contact the school on - we will be able to tell you your email address if you’ve registered one, and will be able to assist you further if not. You can use the forgotten password link above and use your email address to get into your account, and change your username, and email address if desired. Instructions to do so are below

How to change your username or password (and other profile settings)

I’ve paid money into my Parent Account, or had money refunded to it - I want this money back in my bank account, how do I go about doing this?

How to make a withdrawal from your Parent Account - this lays out the instructions as a document

How do I withdraw money from Parent Account? - this includes a how-to video.

How do I get a refund?

If you require money back from your child’s lunch account, or have purchased something by mistake, you will need to send an email to to allow us to refund the balance into your Parent Account. You will need to request a refund if you wish to move funds from one of your children to the others.

I want to know what my child has bought, how can I see this?

Follow the instructions in the link below. NB - food items are charged as ‘School Dinners’, individual food items and their costs are listed in the ‘notes’ section of each ‘School Dinners’ item, unless a meal deal has been paid for, in which it’ll show the meal deal and cost only. Items such as ties, stationery, etc. are listed as items in their own right.

How to view Payment History

I can’t sign in and have had no information on how to do so

Please send an email to - your email will be routed to the correct channel to deal with your query. We will provide you with an activation letter in the event you haven’t received it. Instructions on how to use your activation letter are outlined in the document linked below.

How to activate your account

If you have multiple children, you need to use one activation letter to create your account, then add your other children using the activation letter and the instructions below

How to add a child to your account or merge accounts together

I have tried to use my activation letter, ParentPay says my email is already in use, or is showing an error that doesn’t allow me to finish creating my account.

Have you possibly created a ParentPay account in the past? If so, you may still be able to use it. Follow the password reset instructions above and use the email address you tried - if there is indeed an account that you can use, follow the instructions above regarding adding children to existing accounts.

If you are certain you haven't used ParentPay before, please get in touch with us with the email you are attempting to use, and we’ll get in touch with ParentPay and get them to sort it.

I paid money into my account when I created it, but my child still has no money for lunch.

Please read this - How to add and use Parent Account credit. Were these the steps you followed, or similar? If so, you have paid money into your account as a parent, rather than paying it into your children’s meal account. ParentPay’s accounts are like bank and savings accounts - your Parent Account being the bank account, and your child’s meals account a savings account. To pay money into a meal account, you need to click the blue ‘Pay for (child’s name)’s meals’ on the main account page - the one that shows your child’s names. If you’ve paid money into your account in this way, you should be able to ‘Pay using Parent Account’ as the button says once you click on the ‘Pay for meals’ button. In future, you need to ensure you are clicking the blue ‘Pay for meals’ button when paying for lunch - if you have no balance in your parent account, you can add lunch money via debit or credit card by adding the amount you wish to pay in into the basket.

My child is eligible for free school meals, why do I need ParentPay?

You still need ParentPay as FSM doesn’t cover break time snacks, nor does it cover the selection of other items available for purchase.

Can I have someone else alongside myself pay into my child’s accounts?

Yes - contact us on, and we will be able to arrange for a second payer to be added to your child’s account

My child is leaving school - what do I need to do?

You will need to clear any debt with us on your ParentPay account, and request refunds if you need money back. If the new school uses ParentPay, you will get a new activation letter, as your child’s profile at the new school will be different to the one we will have archived. You will be able to retain your existing account. There may be a changeover period at ParentPay’s end, where both accounts will still exist - each one will have the name of the school on them to allow you to differentiate.

If you need to pay anything back to us, but are unable to see their details, you will need to contact us, and we should be able to tell you what you owe.