Secondary Ebooks NOW - How to Login

posted Jan 31, 2020, 1:43 AM by Mark Giudici   [ updated Apr 28, 2020, 3:11 AM ]
Borrow eBooks and audio-books from your school's library with Sora. Setup is simple - just find your school and sign in. Then download your favourite books to your PC or device.

How to login
  1. Click the following link :-
  2. Choose 'Holyhead School' from the drop down list of schools
  3. Login:
    1. Username: 8031- followed by your child's student ID e.g. 2019-00432
    2. Password: 'Student ID'
Your child's  student ID is made up of their school login number plus the year they started Holyhead School.

If their school login is 1900432 then their Student ID would be 2019-00432.
If their school login is 1700500 then their Student ID would be 2017-00500.  

Remember the School ID is also the password.