Arbor ParentPortal


The School has recently invested in a new Management Information system called Arbor. 

If you haven’t already provided the school with an email address please email and we will ensure that an Arbor account is set up for you. Once you are setup on Arbor we will send out an invitation.  Please look out for a welcome email from Arbor over the next few weeks. 

Once you have successfully logged into Arbor you will be able to:
  • Switch between your children
  • Add and amend information
  • See your child’s lessons
  • Download Report Cards
  • See your child’s Attendance
  • See your child’s Assessment results
  • Track your child’s Behaviour
  • Book a Guardian Consultation
  • See your child’s Exam information
  • View your child’s Assignments
  • Sign your child up for Clubs and Trips
Please watch the short video below to see how to download and use the Arbor ParentPortal App

Click here to download a pdf version of the The Arbor App Usage Guide For Parent/Carers