Year 7 Transition

Your Child at Holyhead

The transfer from primary to secondary school is a very significant stage in a child's life and needs to be carefully and sensitively planned and carried out.

At Holyhead, we take a number of positive measures to ensure that the move is a relaxed and pleasant experience for everyone. For example:
  • all students are visited in their own primary schools by at least one of our teachers or a Student Support and Welfare Officer and by one or more of our Student Transition Ambassadors;
  • all students will have visited Holyhead during their final year at primary school for at least two full days and, in some cases, for longer than this;
  • the teachers at the primary schools are fully consulted about each of our students with regard to both academic and personal progress.
All of the above steps are taken to ease the process of settling down in a large comprehensive school. In addition, your child's Form Tutor will develop a caring and knowledgeable relationship with him/her and help guide the whole class through all the new experiences and exciting opportunities ahead.  At Holyhead, all Form Tutors stay with their class right through the school to Year 10. In Year 11 students have one Form Tutor. This helps to create a very positive relationship between teacher and child.

A Caring Learning Environment

Holyhead expects high standards of behaviour and self-discipline in order to enable effective teaching and learning to take place. We seek to create a caring learning environment by promoting self-esteem and mutual respect, ensuring fairness of treatment for all, promoting early intervention with any problems and encouraging positive relationships with parents and carers. We provide a safe environment in which each individual can feel valued and make progress. Disruptive behaviour, violence, bullying and any form of harassment is not tolerated.

In order to enforce these principles, a range of sanctions and rewards are clearly defined in our Behaviour Management Policy and these procedures are rigorously adhered to. We believe that an ethos of encouragement is central to the promotion of good behaviour and integral to the system of awards and acknowledgement is an emphasis on praise, both informal and formal, to individuals and groups. This has a motivational role in helping students to realise that good behaviour is expected and valued. Sanctions are employed to deal with inappropriate behaviour in such a way that students have a clear understanding of why the sanction is being applied and what changes in behaviour are needed to avoid future sanctions.

Students are expected to treat others with courtesy, kindness and respect; take pride in themselves and their work and make the most of their time at school. Ensuring these high standards are met is key to our success.