Curriculum Overview Drama 2019-2020

Students begin with a basic introduction to drama, learning the Dramatic Conventions and how to begin using them in performance. They learn the disciplines of drama including acting for an audience and collaborative skills. They explore a variety of scripts of differing content, observe how a script is formatted and learn how to write their own, as well as learning the theory behind acting techniques, world theatre and social, historical and cultural events. 

They are introduced to Shakespeare and another perspective of performance. Students will study another discipline of mime through the use of masks and understand how theatre across the globe is different to their own style. This is developed into GCSE through the use of stage management skills and developing their own repertoire as performers employed in the industry. They will have a holistic view of the Performing Arts industry and gain an insight into how to conjure emotions in an audience for entertainment and education. 

Autumn term

Spring term

Summer term


Year 7

  • Introduction to Drama.

          (Gates of Roshomon)

  • Creating a character

  • Exploring a script

  • Melodrama

  • Shakespeare - The Tempest

  • Mime / Mask / Puppetry

W/E 20/10    W/E 29/03

W/E 22/12    W/E 25/05

W/E 16/02    W/E 20/07

Year 8

  • Everything but the Action

  • Responding to Live Theatre


Community of Birmingham

  • Influential performance practice

  • Physical Theatre

  • Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

W/E 20/10    W/E 29/03

W/E 22/12    W/E 25/05

W/E 16/02    W/E 20/07

Year 9


  • Introduction to GCSE Drama.

  • Explore a variety of given stimuli’s, explore a variety of theatre styles.

  • Introduction to style and genre through the use of a text.

  • Approaches to devising

  • Abstract / Naturalistic

  • MOCK Component 1. Explore one of 10 examples from OCR

  • Mock portfolio based.

  • Teacher led workshops.

  • Introduction to exam Section B with reviews of mock Component 1.

W/E 22/12

W/E 29/03

W/E 20/07

Year 10


Introduction to Drama

Explore the three components in brief

  • Devise

  • Script

  • Respond

Introduction to style / genre with Mock Component 1.

  • Intro to exam section B (response to  mock)

& development for Component 1

  • Component 1 Non- exam assessment. (Devising)

  • Component 1 Non- exam assessment


  • Explore text for exam section A & mini mock Component 2 (Scripts) using one scene from set text.

W/E 22/12

W/E 29/03

W/E 20/07

Year 11


  • Development for Component 2

  • Improvements and strategies

  • (Scripts)

  • Component 2 (script)

  • Non- exam assessment

  • Visiting examiner

  • Component 2 (script)

  • Non- exam assessment

  • Visiting examiner

Exam section A

Workshops & Exam

Section B practice based on comp 2

  • Exam section A

  • Workshops & Exam. Section B practice essays

  • Component 3

Summer Exam

W/E 13/10

W/E 16/ 02

W/E 25/05