Curriculum Overview English 2019-2020

In English students study both Language and Literature. In Language students are required to analyse 19th Century extracts, non-fiction extracts and analyse, evaluate and compare these in two summative examinations by Year 11. For this area, students are also required to write a creative story and complete a transactional written piece. In Literature, students study a range of 19th Century texts, modern plays and poetry taken from the Edexcel anthology and unseen poetry. Students answer questions on extracts, compare poems and ensure they discuss context in their analysis. 

The KS3 curriculum has been designed to complement the 5-year flight plan in the view to prepare students for summative assessments in Year 11. The English Department at Holyhead aims to bridge gaps in learning during KS3 and cement key fundamentals during KS4.


Autumn term

Spring term

Summer term


Year 7

Literature: Intro to poetry  AP1: compare 2 poems (AO1 and 2) & Introduction to Shakespeare and The Tempest and/or Othello

Language: Change (AO1-4)

Literature: The Tempest and/or Othello & Pre19th Century novel.

Treasure Island. Dickens.(AO1-4)

Language: Festivals (AO1-4)

Literature: Short Stories to develop inference skills (AO1-4)

Language: Crime and Detection (AO1-4)

2nd - 6th October Assessment: Poetry question. Baseline Tests

12th - 16th Jan Assessment: Shakespeare question.

4th - 8th June Assessment: Language and Structure question

Year 8

Language: The Gothic (AO1-4)


Our Day Out (AO1 and 3)

Language: Creative Writing (AO5 &6)

Literature: Poetry - Relationships

(AO1 and 2)

Richard III and/or Midsummer or Much Ado (AO2)

Language: Comparison of Extracts (AO1-4)

Literature: Shakespeare continued

AP3: Question a) (AO2) and b) (AO1 and 3). Short 19th Century stories

21st Nov - 1st Dec

Assessment: Character so far (AO1 and AO3)

19th Mar - 21st Mar

Assessment: compare 2 poems

21st May - 25th May

Extract Question (AO2)

Year 9

Edexcel Language and Edexcel Literature

Language: Theme - LIfe and death

(AO1 & AO3)

Literature: A Christmas Carol (AO1-4)

Language: Theme:

Childhood and Family (AO1 & AO3)

Literature: Blood Brothers (AO1, 3, 4)

Language: Identity (All AOs)

Literature: Macbeth or Romeo and Juliet (AO1-4)

9th Oct - 13th Oct

AP 1 Assessment: Character (AO1 and 3)

5th Feb - 9th Feb

AP2 Blood Brothers Character or theme

21st May - 25th May

AP3: Full Paper 1

Year 10

Edexcel Language and Edexcel Literature qualification

Language: Theme:

The Supernatural (AO2 & AO4)

Literature: Anthology Poetry (6 War and unseen Poems)

R+J or Macbeth (All AOs)

Language: Gender and Identity

(AO1 & AO3)

Literature: R+J or Macbeth Jekyll and Hyde (All AOs)

Language: Adventure

(All AO’s)

Literature: Blood Brothers revision/Revision of all three (All AOs)

16th Oct  - 20th Oct

AP 1 Assessment: Question 9) and 11)

29th Jan - 2nd Feb

AP2 Assessment  Questions a) and b)

25th Jun - 29th Jun


Paper 1 and 2

Year 11

Edexcel Language and Edexcel Literature

Language: Theme:

Madness (AO1 & AO3)

Literature: Macbeth,

Jekyll and Hyde (All AOs)

Language: Theme - Happiness (AO3 & AO4)

Literature: Jekyll and Hyde

Revise all three (All AOs)

Language and Literature: Revision/Exam season (All AOs)

18th Sept - 22nd Sept

AP1/PPE Paper 1

4th Dec - 8th Dec

PPE:Paper 1 and 2 Assessment J&H a) and b) or whole P2

19th Mar - 23rd Mar

PPE - Paper 1 and 2