Curriculum Overview French Department 2019-2020

In French, students use a range of linguistic skills which are consistently developed to ensure success at both KS3 and GCSE. These include listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. Students will go on a journey on which they will develop the ability to communicate effectively in the target language. They will grasp French grammar and will know how to use it in context. They will continually build on their previous knowledge. understand and communicate information, develop and justify points of view with increased spontaneity independence and accuracy and be ready for further study.

Autumn term

Spring term

Summer term


Year 7

1A: C’est parti!

We learn how to greet someone, introduce ourselves giving information such as name, age, date of birth.

1B: Bonjour Culture!

We learn how to describe things using colours and shape. We learn how to describe a piece of art.

2A Espions et Vilains

We learn how to introduce someone giving extra details such as hair and eye colour, personality. We learn how to use the present tense of regular -er verbs.

2B: Salut Francophonie!

We learn about French speaking countries and how to describe the life of a French speaking person using the present tense of irregular verbs.

3A: Superheros

We learn how to describe the routine of a superhero using reflexive verbs in the present tense.

3B: En forme!

We learn how to talk about the importance of sport and what sports we like or dislike playing, learning to give extended opinions. We talk about what sports we do depending on the weather.

16th-20th Oct C’est parti

End of topic assessment

Speaking and Writing  

12th-16th Feb Espions et Vilains End of topic assessment

Listening, Reading and Writing

4th-8th June End of year assessment on all topics of the year

All skills

Year 8

1A Je suis technophile!

We learn how to talk and write about new technology, what we use regularly and why.

1B La bonne bouffe!

We learn to talk about what food and drink we like or dislike, giving reasons whether it is good for our health.

2A J’assure à l’école!

We learn how to talk about school, our subjects and teachers, as well as our future plans.

2B Le week-end dernier

We learn how to talk about last weekend.

3A Vive les vacances!

We learn how to talk about where we have been on holiday in the past. We revise the weather in 3 tenses.

3B Ma ville jumelée!

We learn how to describe where we live and compare that with a town in Jamaica.

4th-8th Dec

PPE 1 on Term 1 topics

19th-23rd Mar

PPE 2 on Term 2 topics

4th- 8th June

PPE 3 on term 3 topics

Year 9


Qui suis-je?

We cover the following AQA topics:

Myself, family and friends

My best friend, my ideal partner

Le temps des loisirs

We cover the following AQA topics:

Free time


Jours ordinaires, jours de fête:

We cover the following AQA topics


Special occasions

16th-20th Oct

Foundation PPE 1

12th-16th Feb

Foundation PPE  2

4th-8th June

Foundation/Higher PPE 3

Year 10


Où j’habite/Notre planète

We cover the following AQA topics:

My house and neighbourhood

Protecting our environment

Le grand large

We cover the following AQA topics:




Je suis solidaire

We cover the following AQA topics:


Big events

16th-20th Oct

Foundation/Higher PPE 4

12th-16th Feb

Foundation/Higher PPE 5

4th-8th June

Foundation/higher PPE 6

Year 11


Au collège

We cover the following AQA topics:


Future plans

Part time jobs

A focus on deepening knowledge and understanding along with the application of the following topics:


Protecting the environment


Revision and exam preparation

We will consolidate the learning by revisiting and revising the themes covered over the past 2 years.

GCSE exams to be taken in 4 separate papers:

Listening 15 May am

Reading 15 May am

Speaking w/c 16 April

Writing 18 May am