Curriculum Overview PSHCE 2019-2020

Subject overview: Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education helps students to manage their own lives in relation to risk, health and social pressures. It also develops the student's understanding of the social and political world around them. 

Autumn term

Spring term

Summer term


Year 7


Students will consider why some people bully one another, the different types of bullying and how to deal with bullies.

The impact of drugs

Legal and illegal drugs will be explored, including alcohol, smoking and cannabis. Students will learn assertiveness skills to help positively manage peer pressure.

Workshop on migration, refugees and prejudice run by the British Red Cross

Human Rights

Students learn the difference between wants and needs and how they relate to children’s rights. They will debate human rights which compete and challenge one another. The United Nations role in protecting children’s rights and what can be done to improve children's rights will also be considered.

Active Citizenship

The concept of active citizenship will be introduced where students plan and take part in a project that addresses a citizenship issue of concern to them.

Puberty, Hygiene and Relationships

Students learn about the changes in their body due to puberty, how to ensure a hygienic body, they consider the qualities of positive and negative friendships and identify risks and rewards within them. They also look at different types of families in the UK today.

Identity and Diversity

Students explore their own identities and the communities they belong to as well as the concept of ‘Britishness’.  Diversity in the UK is evaluated and contributions from different cultures to British life is discussed.

SA1: Impact of drugs

SA2: Human Rights

SA3: Diversity

Year 8

Parliament & Government

Students gain an introduction to how parliament and government in the UK works and the four main political parties.  

Justice and the Law

Students learn about their legal rights, the concept and application of justice, the impact and reasons for crime and consider the effects of gangs and terrorism.

Workshop on first aid run by the British Red Cross

Prejudice and safety

Firstly students are asked to identify the differences between asylum seekers and refugees and how they differ from illegal immigrants. The differences between prejudices and discrimination are discussed and the Equality Act is introduced. Lessons then move onto learning about personal safety and domestic violence.

Physical and mental wellbeing

Students learn a basic first aid technique called the pushover. They explore the effects of stress and how to deal with it. The importance of mental wellbeing is considered and body image is discussed.

Sex and Relationships Education

Eating disorders and depression are discussed. The phenomenon of sexting and the legal and social implications are considered. Contraception is introduced and the impact of peer pressure on young people is explored.


The last half term of the year will focus on risk for example students will consider the dangers of grooming and sexual exploitation, female genital mutilation and forced marriage.

SA1: Political parties

SA2: Prejudice

SA3: Sex and relationships

Year 9

Mental health workshop

Outline symptoms of depression, anxiety, self harm, etc, treatments usually prescribed and help and support available.

Human Rights workshop

Focusing on human rights issues faced by asylum seekers and refugees. Run by the British Red Cross.

Year 10

Relationships and sex education drop down day

Focusing on sexting,

sexually transmitted diseases

& grooming

Year 11