Curriculum Overview PSHCE 2019-2020

Subject overview: Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education helps students to manage their own lives in relation to risk, health and social pressures. It also develops the student's understanding of the social and political world around them.

PSHCE Year Plan
WeekW BeginingYear 7Year 8Year 9
102/09/2019L1 Me (B)Peer pressure (R) What is fake news
209/09/2019L2 Unwritten rules (DV/ Womens Aid)Sexting (Ceop Exposed) (R) News sources and who to trust
316/09/2019L3 Bullying - diff typesSexual exploitation 1: CEOP ExploitedSocial media images and data
423/09/2019L4 Cyber bullying (C) (Rise above -Public Health Eng)Sexual exploitation 2 (R) CEOPNSPCC- Making sense of rels: sharing sexual images
530/09/2019L5 Dealing with conflict (B)FGM 1NSPCC Making sense of rels: My values
607/10/2019L6 Dealing with conflict (B) (Survey) FGM 2 (R) NSPCC Making sense of rels: Unhealthy rels
714/10/2019Black history weekForced marriage (R) Black history
HALF TERM28/10/2019
904/11/2019What are drugsCrime - define / egs Sexual Harassment /Criminal domestic abuse (Womens Aid)
1011/11/2019What are drugs cont' (A)Knife crime 1NSPCC Making sense of rels: Pornography
1118/11/2019Alcohol (C) (Rise above -Public Health Eng)Knife crime 2Marriage
1225/11/2019Smoking (C) (Rise above -Public Health Eng)ASSESSMENTASSESSMENT
1302/12/2019Cannabis and the lawJustice and the lawAttachments and parenting
1409/12/2019Using assertiveness to handle risky situations (A) Impact of crime (B)Importance of parenting
1516/12/2019ASSESSMENT (Q)Legal rights (B)Consequences of teen pregnancy/parenthood/ miscarriage
1606/01/2020Wants and needs (B)Drugs: classification, county lines and consequencesContraception
1713/01/2020Uk rights and responsibilitiesNSPCC : Healthy rels:First aid (British heart F)
1820/01/2020Competing / balancing rightsNSPCC: Gender stereotypesFirst aid - CPR (BHF)
1927/01/2020Human rights abroadNSPCC: safer online relsWhat are equality and inequality (Parliament Edu.)
2003/02/2020The UNNSPCC: Sexualised behaviourWhy do we need laws on inequality
2110/02/2020NSPCC: ConsentWhy has equalities laws changed over time
2224/02/2020DiversityContraception 1 (B)Why do we need protected characteristics
2302/03/2020Diversity / IdentityMental Health L1How can we make society more equal
2409/03/2020Asylum (R)Mental Health L2ASSESSMENT
2516/03/2020Prejudice and stereotyping (A)Mental Health L3Role models
2623/03/2020DiscriminationMental Health L4Role of police - stop & search
2730/03/2020Equality and the law (protected characteristics)Mental Health L5Illegal drugs/ county lines - help/advice (Youth and policing education hub)
EASTER 06/04/2020
2820/04/2020ASSESSMENTPersonal safety (A) Gambling 1
2927/04/2020L1Puberty - bodily changes (Q)Domestic violence (R) Womens AidGambling 2
3004/05/2020L2 Puberty and emotionsAlcohol and first aid (R) PSHE Asso: Extremism 1
3111/05/2020Self esteem (Childnet)ASSESSMENTPSHE Asso: Extremism 2
3218/05/2020Healthy relationships (Medway)L1 Monarchy (B)PSHE Asso: Extremism 3
HALF TERM25/05/2020
3301/06/2020Social action toolkitL2 Parliament 1 (BV) (Parl Edu Serv.)PSHE Asso: Extremism 4
3408/06/2020Social action toolkitL3 Parliament 2 (BV)The impact of global warming 1
3515/06/2020Social action toolkitL4 Democracy & Dictatorship (BV) (B)The impact of global warming 2
3622/06/2020Social action toolkitL5 How laws are madeThe problem with plastic
3729/06/2020Social action toolkitL6 Elections and votingThe solutions to plastic
3806/07/2020EvaluationL7 Your campaignAnimal extinction
3913/07/2020CelebrationCatch upAnimal extinction: What can we do