Curriculum Overview Spanish Department 2019-2020

In Spanish students use a range of linguistic skills which are consistently developed to ensure success at both KS3 and GCSE. These include listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. Students will go on a journey on which they will develop the ability to communicate effectively in the target language. They will grasp Spanish grammar and will know how to use it in context. They will continually build on their previous knowledge, understand and communicate information, develop and justify points of view with increased spontaneity independence and accuracy and be ready for further study.

Autumn term

Spring term

Summer term


Year 7

1A ¡Bienvenido a España!

We learn how to greet someone, introduce ourselves giving information such as name, age, date of birth.

1B Los Monstruitos - Designing your own little monster!

We learn how to give physical descriptions, talk about likes, dislikes and pets.

2A ¡Soy famoso! - I’m famous!

We learn to talk about family and friends, giving both physical and personality descriptions. We learn to count to 100.

2B Mi barrio - My hood

We learn to describe where we live, our house and area. We begin to use the near future tense.

3ALa vida activa - Active living

We learn to tell the time, discuss which sports we do and talk about the weather.

3B Somos los expertos

We consolidate the present and future tenses. We look at poetry.

16th-20th Oct C’est parti

End of topic assessment

Speaking and Writing  

12th-16th Feb Espions et Vilains End of topic assessment

Listening, Reading and Writing

4th-8th June End of year assessment on all topics of the year

All skills

Year 8

1A Mis objetivos/metas por el año

We review what we have learnt in Year 7, and set objectives for Year 8. We look at jobs and practise the future tense.

1B  Las vacaciones - holidays

We learn how to talk about holidays and are introduced to the preterite tense.

2A  Las carreras con lenguas

We learn about how languages can be used in everyday situations and jobs, looking at which careers languages can be used in.

2B Las carreras con lenguas

We look at what qualities you need for different jobs and the advantages and disadvantages linked to different aspects of the world of work.

3A Poesía y música

We learn about poetry and music, having a go at writing our own.

3B Poesía y música

We continue with our work on poetry and music, entering a competition run by Routes into Languages.

4th-8th Dec

PPE 1 on Term 1 topics

19th-23rd Mar

PPE 2 on Term 2 topics

4th- 8th June

PPE 3 on term 3 topics

Year 9

GCSE Spanish 8698

1A Intercambio - Exchange

We cover the following AQA topics:


1B #lastemasdelmomento

We cover the following AQA topics: Fashion and technology.

2A La vida sana

We cover the following AQA topics:

Healthy lifestyle, food and sport.

2B Una festival de música

We cover the following AQA topics: travel, clothes, with links to food, fashion and technology.

3A El medio ambiente

We look at different news stories, focusing on the skill of reading. This has a cross topic focus.

3B ¡Piensa globalmente!

We look at news stories from across the globe.

16th-20th Oct

Foundation PPE 1

12th-16th Feb

Foundation PPE  2

4th-8th June

Foundation/Higher PPE 3

Year 10

GCSE Spanish 8698

La comida - Spanish gastronomie

We cover the following AQA topics: At the restaurant and at the market.

My house and neighbourhood

Protecting our environment.

We cover the following AQA topics:

Hotels, Holidays and Spanish festivals.

We cover the following AQA topics:

Volunteering, charity work and


16th-20th Oct

Foundation/Higher PPE 4

12th-16th Feb

Foundation/Higher PPE 5

4th-8th June

Foundation/higher PPE 6

Year 11

GCSE Spanish 8698

We cover the following AQA topics:

Work experience and Future jobs.

A focus on deepening knowledge and understanding along with the application of the following topics AQA topics:

Protecting the environment



Revision and exam preparation

We will consolidate the learning by revisiting and revising the themes covered over the past 2 years.

GCSE exams to be taken in 4 separate papers:

Listening 6 June am

Reading 6 June am

Speaking w/c 16 April

Writing 14 June