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Art and Design Technology

The department currently has four teaching staff and two technical staff. It is divided into two areas, Art and Design and Design Technology. We work as a team to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that aims to cover the needs of all students at Holyhead School. We provide the foundation for students to become the creative thinkers of the future. 

The Art and Design Department creates a learning environment fusing both Art and Technology together. The aims of the department are to develop creative thoughtful artists and designers with skills that will make them live, work and feel more for the environment that they grow up in. To enthuse them with enquiring analytical minds that will provide them with life skills to contribute to the world around them. The schemes are designed to enable our students to build up a series of skills that will help them with their further education. 

We are enthusiastic and passionate about our subject and its place within the school curriculum as an essential element for future success, whatever field of study is chosen.

At key stage 3, students are timetabled to one hour a week of Art and an hour of Design Technology. There are four specialist rooms, two Design Technology workshops, with a 3D printer and laser cutter and two Art rooms. One, with access to a photography darkroom and resource area. The other, with access to a kiln room with two large kilns. The facilities allow a broad range of skills and techniques to be covered. The staff in the department have a broad range of specialist skills to offer.

Ms. S. Stafford - Head of Department
Miss J. Vesey - Head of Design Technology
Mr P. Russell - I/C of KS3 Art
Mrs S. Fear - Teacher of Art and Design Technology.
Mr B. Harper – Design Technology Technician.
Mr D. Brown – Art Technician.

There are extra curricular clubs available for interested students.

Art and Design

At KS3 we endeavour to create a balanced and creative Art and Design course that will give students the basic skills to improve from year to year and build in self confidence as their level improves.

Year 7Year 8

Basic skills
Tonal shading
Colour wheel / colour mixing

Myths and Legends
Ancient civilisations
Collaborate to research and present
Use 3D media to make a model
Hundertwasser project
Experimenting in different media
Different scales 
Self portrait in Fauvist style
Critical analysis
Mask Project
Ceramics and other 3D materials
Cultural animals
Relief printing


Key Stage 4 Art & Design

In Year 9 students can follow an Art and Design or Graphic Communication course as one of their option choices. In Art and Design students learn a variety of skills and techniques using the artists and topics outlined below. Students learn how to use a sketchbook to demonstrate new processes and experiments for the projects. Assessment criteria outlined by the exam board are followed. 

A creative approach is encouraged so that students build the confidence to work in any media and improve their drawing skills. The course gives students a life skill that can be used in many subject areas and opens up a variety of career opportunities. During Year 10 coursework is built up in preparation for the 10 hour exam. This takes place in Year 11 and is completed over two days. A preparation period of about six weeks is given, to plan and complete a sketchbook. Research and experiments using different artists is compulsory.

An Overview of Topics Taught at KS4

Year 9 Art

  • Introduction to GCSE
  • Kandinsky
  • Printmaking / ICT
  • Mixed Media
  • Jennifer Collier
  • Sarah Fishburn
  • Pop Art
  • Sarah Graham
  • Georgina Luck

Year 9 Graphics

  • Introduction to GCSE
  • TV Listings
  • Airline Logo- assessment
  • Carrier Bag
  • ‘Layering’
  • Exam question project
  • Design packaging for a digital camera

Year 10/11 Art

 Autumn/ SpringSpring/ Summer
 Year 10
  • Introduction
  • 3D Project
  • Mixed Media
  • 2D Project
  • Pop Art


Year 11 
  • Pop Art
  • Final Piece + Mock Exam
  • Exam Preparation
  • Final 10 hour exam
  • Displays
  • Final Show (May)


Year 10/11 Graphics

 Autumn/ SrpingSpring/ Summer
Year 10
  • Introduction
  • Theme Park
  • Final Piece
  • Superheroes Project

Year 11
  • Superheroes Main Piece
  • Mock exam
  • Exam Preparation
  • Final 10 hour exam
  • Displays
  • Final Show (May)


Key Stage 4 Product Design and Resistant Materials

An Overview of Topics Taught at KS4

Year 9 Product Design AQA

  • Introduction to GCSE
  • Units 1-3
  • Design Ventura project
  • Units 4-8
  • CREO project
  • Units 8-13
  • practice e-portfolio


Year 10/11 Resistant Materials WJEC

  • Jewellery project
  • Theory
  • Plastic Clock
  • Theory
  • CAT practice portfolio
  • A3 x 14 pages


Year 11
  • Final design brief
  • Start CAT portfolio
  • Making product
  • Revision/ test papers
  • Revision/ new strategies



We offer A Level Art and Design, the course is two years. The first year, the AS, consists of a controlled assignment from September to January. The second unit is the controlled test which is 5hrs long.

In year 13, students complete Unit 3, which is a Personal Investigation, which consists of a written piece of approximately 1,500 to 3,000 words and a practical element. Unit 4 is the controlled Test which starts with the exam paper given out February 1st, ending with a 15hr exam at the end of the course.

Our A Level is fairly new and we hope to establish links with other schools to offer a broader curriculum. Our pass rate is 100%.