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Why study Business?

Everything in life involves Business. Think about that new top you purchased last week and then think of what businesses made it possible for you to be wearing it right now? Business is a major part of everyone’s life.  Anybody who has a good idea about how businesses work are at an immediate advantage in the future. Complimenting Business with Money and Finance Skills and Functional Maths means Holyhead students are well equipped for the future.

The Business department is well established and offer a diverse range of subjects from traditional subjects such as A-level Business, Economics and Accounts, to BTEC Business and a range of skills qualifications such as Employability Skills and Money and Finance Skills.

The department has strong links with the local business community.  The curriculum is enriched through a program of visits e.g. East End Foods, Pizza Hut, Nando’s, Cleone Foods, Drayton Manor, Jaguar Land Rover.  Students also take part in a team building day out at Closer to the Edge.

Key Stage 3 Business

Year 7

Functional Skills Mathematics level 1 aims to promote mathematical thinking and transferable skills that each individual is able to solve problems in real-life, functional contexts and develop skills in:

  • Representing situations using mathematics
  • Analysing calculations and solving problems
  • Interpreting the mathematics to explain situations.

Year 8

In the current financial climate it is important that young people learn how to manage their money and avoid getting into unmanageable debt.  The students will follow financial literacy scheme to equip students with essential life skills.  The units that students will complete are:

  • Money Matters for Career Planning
  • Managing Money Matter
  • Support with Money Matters
  • National and Global Money Matters
  • Planning an enterprise activity

Key Stage 4 Business

GCSE Applied Business (Edexcel)

Students investigate a local business (East End Foods) and a businesses operating on a national level (Drayton Manor) through visits. Coursework is time controlled and is completed after detail research work is carried out on both companies.

Unit 1 - Investigating How Businesses Work- (Coursework)

Unit 2 - Financial Records- (Examination)

  • Investigating the flow of financial records
  • Investigating business payment methods
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Balance Sheets
  • Business ratios


Is a mixture of time controlled assignments (60%) and examinations (40%) with a mixture of multiple-choice, short and extended answers.

BTEC Business (Edexcel)

The BTEC First Diploma is a three year course which offers an opportunity for learners to experience a vocational qualification related to an aspect of employment that they might wish to move into and provide an initial experience of a vocational area.  Assignments will be given to the students containing a variety of tasks. They will involve researching real businesses and looking at the way in which they operate. Visits to organisations will be arranged and guest speakers invited to school.

Units Covered

Unit 1 – Enterprise in the Business World

Unit 2 – Finance for Business (Examination)

Unit 4 – Principles of Customer Service

Unit 8 – Recruitment, Selection and Employment


H. Sehra
Head of Business 2014