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The History Department at Holyhead is a progressively minded one where a friendly and positive approach amongst colleagues and with the students makes work enjoyable and rewarding. Opportunities to take on responsibility and to work as part of an ever evolving department are available in a supportive and cohesive environment.


The department is composed of two full time History teachers and two experienced History specialists who additionally hold the role of Assistant Director of Sixth Form. The department consistently works to share ideas and to disseminate good practice, drawing on the range of experiences and expertise available. Relationships with students are overwhelmingly purposeful and positive and are a key feature of the exceptional examinations results achieved by History students at GCSE, exceptional not only in terms of *A-C figures, but more significantly with a focus on higher end attainment.


At Key Stage 3, students in History are encouraged to develop their historical skills with a combination of topic based studies and short-courses to develop study specific skills, including study of: Medieval Realms, the Tudors, the Industrial Revolution, Slavery, the First World War and the Holocaust.


Students opt to take their GCSE course beginning at the start of Year 9 at Holyhead.


At Key Stage 4 History students at Holyhead follow the SHP Edexcel History B specification and this enables them to follow a modular examination programme. The chosen study topics are as follows below:


  • Unit 1a - Medicine Through Time
  • Unit 2b - The American West
  • Unit 3a - The Transformation of Surgery 1845-1918
  • Unit 4   - Controlled Assessment, The Impact of War 1914-1950


At AS/A2 Level History students following the Edexcel Specification to ensure a level of consistency of approach and encouraging progression from KS4-KS5. 


At AS Level in Year 12 the chosen study topics are as follows below:


  • Unit 1D –         A World Divided:

D4 – Stalin’s Russia 1924-1953

D5 – Pursuing Life and Liberty in the USA 1945-68

  • Unit 2C -          The Experience of Warfare in Britain 1854-1929


At A2 level in Year 13 the chosen study topics are as follows below:



  • Unit 3 -         D1 - From Kaiser to Fuhrer, Germany 1900-1945
  • Unit 4 -         CW22 – The Role of Women, 1850-1950


The department has a vast array of high quality study materials created within the department to compliment a collection of new textbooks purchased. The quality of resources available to staff and students have helped to play a significant part in the successful examination results and the continued development of the department.


The department is also committed to providing students with opportunities to visit sites of historical importance and relevance; we have taken students on residential visits to the battlefields of Ypres, and to Ironbridge in Shropshire. Additionally we are visiting Berlin, Germany in February 2015 to complement the content of our A2 topic which focuses on Germany from 1900-1945.


The History Department look to make provision of extra-curricular activities for students throughout the year, with visits to a variety of historic sites such as: Goodrich Castle, the Imperial War Museum, the Staffordshire Regiment Museum, the National Memorial Arboretum, the Thackray Medical Museum and local sites of interest.