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In Music students are required to cover 3 areas: Performance, Composition and Listening.


During classroom music lessons students are required to work in groups and perform using many genres and styles of music from modern pop songs to traditional songs from around the world. Students will develop their performance skills on the guitar, percussion and keyboard. Each student will deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills while studying music at Holyhead.

Extra-Curricular Activities include:

  • Holyhead Jazz band
  • School Choir
  • Music Technology Sessions
  • Steel Pan Club
  • Dhol Club
  • String Lessons
  • Brass lessons
  • Woodwind Lessons
  • Drum Kit Lessons
  • Bass Guitar/Guitar Lessons

Holyhead’s Music department can celebrate many great achievements. Students have performed in many venues across Birmingham including The Drum Theatre, Edgbaston Cricket Ground, The CBSO, The MAC Centre, the ICC, The Town Hall and The Symphony Hall. Students at Holyhead also have opportunities to perform within school including at our very own Black History Showcase, Christmas Concert, Easter Music Celebration Concert, and Presentation Evening. We have also enjoyed music trips to Europe where we recently performed with students in Vienna, Austria.


Students are expected to compose music with both live instruments and music technology. Within music technology, students are introduced to a range of music making software such as Garageband, Reason and Cubase. Students are shown how to combine sounds using musical devices such as ostinato, drones, chords, melodies, changes of dynamics (volume) and tempo (speed). Students are encouraged to be imaginative, to experiment rhythmically and to express their ideas. Students are also encouraged to develop their own personal style. Students learn how to compose in a variety of styles including, reggae, pop, r’n’b, jazz, Bhangra electronic dance such as garage, UK funky and drum and bass.


It is essential that students listen to a variety of different styles of music from various cultures and across a wide period in history. They are asked to identify musical features and instruments that they hear, using them to inspire their own work.


Holyhead students study BTEC Level 2 music at KS4. Students continue to develop their performing, composing and listening skills however at a more advanced standard. In addition to this students learn about different job roles in the music industry and the skills needed for these roles. Students also need to prepare for a live performance at The Drum Theatre in Birmingham. Students learn and practise the preparation needed for a live event including media promotion, rehearsal schedules, ticket selling, travel, presentation, lighting, sound and stage presence.

Students have the opportunity to continue their skills in BTEC music at Level 3. Students developadvanced solo and ensemble skills whilst also developing skills related to professions in the music industry. These include marketing, promoting, events management, backline technical support, production and stage management. All students at KS5 receive one to one instrumental tuition on their chosen instrument.