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Physical Education

Aims and Objectives of the P.E. Department

The Department aims to develop students’:

  • Knowledge and understanding of fitness and health and the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Ability to evaluate and improve own and others’ performance
  • Ability to acquire and develop new skills within various activity areas

We are committed to the raising of standards in teaching and learning in PE and Sport by:

  • Motivating and encouraging students to achieve their full potential by working individually and co-operatively with others
  • Encouraging students to attend extra-curricular clubs and inter-collegiate competitions on offer
  • Promoting positive relationships with others
  • Demonstrating high expectations of all students
  • Providing a diverse and inclusive curriculum for all students


Key Stage 3


At Key Stage 3 there are a variety of activities on offer at Holyhead. In Years 7 and 8 students are taught a mixture of Games Activities, for example, football, rugby, netball, basketball, badminton, rounders, cricket and athletics. The department have also introduced orienteering, problem solving, handball and trampolining in the last couple of years. Many activities are also offered as an extra-curricular activity in order to consolidate learning and to encourage extra participation. At the end of Year 8 if students demonstrate an interest in sport, they are given the opportunity to opt for Level 2 BTEC Sport.



Key Stage 4


During Key Stage 4, students extend the skills they have learned and are encouraged to explore ways in which they may continue their Physical Education as a form of lifelong learning. They are required to take a more personalised approach to learning and develop a wider range of personal and social skills. Students study a broad and balanced curriculum which is supported by a varied extra-curricular programme. Suitable students and those students that have demonstrated an interest in coaching and leading have the opportunity to gain leadership qualifications such as the Sports Leadership Award (SLA).


BTEC Sport


At Key Stage 4, students can choose to study BTEC Sport. Students will study a combination of modules related to both the theoretical and practical aspects of modern sport. The majority of lessons are classroom based, although students work practically when appropriate. The compulsory units are:


  • Health and fitness for sport and exercise (external assessment)
  • Practical sports performance



  • The mind and sports performance
  • The sports performer in action
  • Training for personal fitness
  • Leading sports activities


Key Stage 5


Students in Key Stage 5 are able to continue their theoretical knowledge further by opting for Level 3 BTEC sport.  This is a new course which looks at developing a deeper understanding of various topics such as anatomy and physiology, sports biomechanics, fitness training and analysis of sports performance.  The three compulsory units are:


  • Anatomy for sport and exercise
  • Sport and exercise physiology
  • Sport and exercise psychology

Other units may be taught over the two years may include:


  • Sport biomechanics in action
  • Exercise, health and lifestyle
  • Fitness testing for sport and exercise
  • Fitness training and programming
  • Sport and exercise massage
  • Sports nutrition
  • Sports injuries
  • Practical individual sports and practical team sports

Extra-Curricular Activities

Providing after school activities is vitally important at Holyhead in all subject areas and PE is no exception. It improves and develops students’ ability to work co-operatively with others and provides the opportunity for students to attend tournaments at other schools within the Aston area. Competitive activities include Netball, Football, Rounders, Athletics, Cricket and Badminton.

All students have the opportunity to compete in various inter-collegiate tournaments throughout the year. This includes Inter-College Netball, Football, Rounders, Cricket, Unihoc and many others. 
We also hold an annual Sports Day and aim to encourage all students to take part in either a field event, or a track event. This event brings together each College and encourages students to compete in different activities.

To encourage participation and to celebrate sporting success the PE department hosts an annual PE Celebration Evening. Sporting teams and individuals are highlighted and congratulated.