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Enrichment Activities

We are proud of the number of students involved with our sporting activities and teams at Holyhead. Clubs take place most evenings, and some Saturday mornings, with the aim of encouraging as many young people as possible to take part in active recreation.

Some clubs are run purely for enjoyment, while others, being more competitive, involve us in city-wide competition against other schools. There is the opportunity for all students to find an activity in which they can achieve success, satisfaction and have fun.

Other clubs and activities are also organised by staff at lunchtime and after school. These include Art, Computing, Dance, Drama, Music and Chess. The Open Learning Centre is also open at lunchtime and after school for all age groups.

An enrichment ‘Fair’ will be held for all new Year 7 students during one lunchtime in early September so that students can sign up for activities that interest them.


At Holyhead, we believe that visits away from school are very important as part of each child's personal development. Each year group will have many opportunities to take part in such visits which will continue to be subsidised by the school.

We believe that a residential experience can be extremely beneficial to all students and we endeavour to provide at least one such experience per year during your child’s time with us.

If you are a parent/carer of a Year 6 student, we hope very much that you will decide to choose Holyhead as the secondary school for your son/daughter. Your child’s present primary school has already sent you information about how to make your choice. You now have to decide. We know that this can be difficult but you can make it easier by visiting schools. Do not decide before looking for yourselves and asking questions. What about examination results and the needs of the most able students? Does the school really care about all its students, particularly those with special needs? What about the facilities?

Please note that Holyhead has been oversubscribed for the past seventeen years so it is important that you make Holyhead your first choice if you are to have the best chance of gaining a place at this school for your child.