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Vision and Ethos

Behaviour, Attitudes and Personal Development

We take our responsibility to shape tomorrow's citizens and employees seriously and invest much of our energy into modelling what self-leadership, self-regulation and kindness look like. We develop a community built upon a foundation of positive relationships that we celebrate and reinforce. We also believe that good character supports higher levels of achievement and we teach our core values around leadership, organization, resilience, initiative and communication to all students and staff via a carefully constructed programme. We believe in restorative conversations and taking responsibility for our actions. We promote honesty, tolerance and kindness.

High standards is how we are able to achieve such great examination results. Our attention to detail and relentless drive to hold each other to account means our attitudes are never defined by our postcode. 

Our focus on the highest quality of education extends beyond the classroom and involves all staff. Every interaction is an opportunity to model what we expect. We are all teachers of children. We aim to exceed expectations in every aspect of what we do. That doesn’t just apply to Teaching staff. This commitment to a high performing culture is also present in our passionate support of wider learning and enrichment activities.









Part of the RSA Family of Academies

Bespoke, forward-thinking approach to CPD and Pedagogy

Broad curriculum

Emphasis on problem-solving, student lead learning and higher order thinking

Intense focus on enrichment and high aspirations

Well developed Character Education programmes- teachers of children first

Literacy and oracy at the core of what we do

Development of leaders at all levels

Focus on self-regulation and positive reinforcement

Nationally designated Teaching School

Active outreach work

Family values at the heart of student support

Curriculum designed to meet community needs

Strong structures for student support

Focus on developing positive relationships

Well developed commitments to wellbeing and workload reduction

high focus on inclusion and equality

Commitment to Quality First Teaching

 Leadership  Organisation  Resilience  initiative  Communication  Excellence  Respect  Responsibility

If you share our vision and values, we would love to tell you more. We are not satisfied with being outstanding and everything we do is about being better tomorrow than we have been today.

Once again, I thank you for showing an interest in learning more about our special community.