RSA Academies Newsletter - 5th December 2017

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Who is part of the RSA Family of Academies?

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The RSA family of Academies are built around principles of democracy and collaboration and together with our schools see ourselves as a Family. We aim to give learners the broad range of skills, qualifications and experiences they need to thrive in their continuing education and the world of work through a jointly designed programme of support and intervention that reflects a school’s needs and priorities. 

Use the image map shown here to find out where we are.

The RSA Family of Academies

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The RSA’s mission is to find innovative practical solutions to social problems. We do this through hands-on projects, research and our 27,000 Fellows around the world.

We draw on the knowledge and experience of the RSA Fellowship and have a unique programme of work across many areas including design, enterprise, public services, community development and behavioural insight – as well as education.

RSA Pupil Design Awards

posted Apr 18, 2016, 5:14 AM by J Grant

A celebration of learning, challenge and designing for social good. Here is an overview of the RSA Pupil Design Awards 2015-6.

RSA Catalytic Jeans Workshop

posted Dec 16, 2015, 12:35 AM by J Grant   [ updated Jan 14, 2016, 1:24 AM ]

On the 27th November 2015, the catalytic jeans installation arrived at Holyhead and we found that the RSA project was a truly enriching opportunity which allowed us to venture out of our comfort zones.

As part of this project we took assemblies and organised and led a very successful activity day to promote the innovative concept of catalytic jeans. We worked with students from other schools and had the opportunity to meet Helen Storey, the fashion designer and person behind the catalytic jeans herself. We are extremely grateful to have been involved in this project as we have had the opportunity to develop our leadership skills, collaboration and creativity skills. We would highly recommend other students to get involved in future activities, as they can be hugely satisfying and rewarding. We visited St. Pancras station in London in November to observe the Limb Bud Dress exhibition which promotes the issues surrounding Syria, its refugees and climate change and are looking forward to taking our involvement in the RSA project to another level. 

(Sabaha, Fariha, Zeenat. Year 11)

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