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Looking for a gateway into teaching but have no formal experience?

Holyhead School is proud to offer an innovative pathway into the teaching profession that will not only help you understand the theory behind the psychology of learning it will also provide valuable experience and a salary!

The Cognition & Learning Department at Holyhead work across the whole school to support staff in removing potential barriers to learning. We are currently looking to recruit 2 new team members who are excited to learn about and implement cutting edge, well researched and evidence based strategies to engage learners of all abilities.

You will be working in a student centric department and have access to information from external agencies such as Educational Psychologists, Communication in Autism Team and Pupil and School Support. You will learn about the latest movements and legalities in the SEN world and will rapidly know more about Educational Health Care Plans than most teaching course lecturers.

You will have the opportunity to develop relationships with students in small groups as well as work with our outstanding teaching staff in their lessons. This position will provide you with extensive lesson observations, specialist understanding and the chance to pass on your new knowledge to new staff through supporting the SENCo during training facilitation.

The contract lasts for a year and ends with the opportunity to enter into a Schools Direct salary or training pathway in one of the schools within the RSA Academies’ Teaching School Alliance.

For more information, please contact Mrs Wilson at

The Team
Meet the dynamic and committed team of highly experienced staff who work at the RSA Academies Teaching Alliance.

Contact Us

If your school is interested in joining the family of RSA schools or becoming an alliance partner or if you are interested in finding out more about our teacher training and professional development opportunities, the RSA Academies’ Teaching School Alliance would love to hear from you.

Please contact:
The RSA Teaching School Alliance (TSA) Office – Whitley Academy, TEL: 0247 630 2580 , EMAIL: for information on our CPDL events and general enquires about the RSA TSA.

Teresa Wilson – Holyhead School, TEL: 0121 523 1960 , EMAIL: for enquires about Initial Teacher Training at the RSA TSA.

Lorraine Allen – Whitley Academy, TEL: 0247 630 2580 , EMAIL: for enquires about School to School Support from the RSA TSA.

Danielle Sloyan – Whitley Academy, TEL: 0247 630 2580 , EMAIL: Director of the RSA TSA.