Courses on offer for September 2021 - Year 12

Those subjects that span over 2 or 3 blocks must be selected in each of these blocks. e.g. if you want to choose 'Health and Social Care - triple' you must select that in option in Block B, C and D.

 Block A  Block B  Block C  Block D
 Biology  Chemistry Physics  Core Mathematics
 English Language & Literature Sociology Film Studies History
Psychology  Religious Studies  Psychology  Mathematics 
Business Studies  Accounting Geography  Sociology  
 French Mathematics  Spanish 
 BTEC Applied Law BTEC Business Art & Design   BTEC Applied Law
 BTEC Applied Science (Single)  Health & Social Care (Triple)  ICT/Cambridge Technicals  Health & Social Care (Triple)
BTEC Applied Science  (Triple) BTEC Applied Science (Triple) Health & Social Care (Triple) BTEC Applied Science  (Triple)
 Music BTEC Sport  Performing Arts
 GCSE Maths GCSE English      

Online Application Form

Ensure all fields are completed as you will not be able to submit the form otherwise.  You will receive a confirmation when the form has been submitted and will be invited for an interview with a member of the Sixth form team.

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