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Departmental Transition Tasks

Sixth Form Induction: Transition Tasks

Each subject has produced a set of three Transition Tasks with the focus on giving students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and understanding of content that will be covered in September of Year 12, to showcase exam technique and to demonstrate their aptitude and commitment to research. These are all key features of making the transition to the working standards and expectations of a Sixth Form student, as well as helping students to build a more secure knowledge base for lessons in September.

The Transition Tasks in each subject include:

  • A ‘Pre-vision’ activity to develop knowledge and understanding of subject content, e.g. animated timelines, glossaries, key theme/individual profiles, single side storyboard/summaries of content, response to reading activity etc... (This can then be the basis for a baseline knowledge test used in the initial lessons in September)

  • An activity that mirrors the assessment style of the subject’s exam e.g. an essay question in extended writing subjects, a Maths/Bio/Chem/Physics paper. This would be marked in September to give both teachers and students an indication of technique and areas for improvement

  • A research activity designed to showcase the student’s motivation and aptitude for independent learning. This could be in the form of a presentation to be completed, a written or visual project

Each subject also provides a reading/website/video list for students to use to help with these tasks and to encourage them to engage in independent learning at this formative stage of their Sixth Form life.

Those students who attended the Sixth Form Induction Day in July will already have access to the work, whilst those students who enrol in August after GCSE Results Day will be expected to access the tasks and materials provided on the website.

The completion of these tasks by students who enrol at Holyhead is compulsory. Access to the tasks and the reading lists is available from the linked tabs on the website. Please ensure that when you arrive for your first lesson in September you have put the groundwork in to complete the activities - you will feel the benefit of this immediately!


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