In-house enrichment: Classroom assistants

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During an assembly at the beginning of this academic year, the Sixth Form Team spoke to Year 12 and 13 about how important it is to add to their CV/UCAS applications. As a result, all students in Year 12 were timetabled into a classroom to support lower school students with their academic progress. To date, we have over 150 students supporting students across 12 different subjects. Some Year 13’s have volunteered their time to support our pastoral staff within SPACE. Many of the students who receive support from our Sixth Formers have been extremely positive about the rapport they have built with them and how they have benefitted from their support.
Mr F Khan (Head of Year 12)


I had chosen to support in GCSE Business Studies with Year 10’s and it is an amazing experience. I decided to give up one of my study periods to support students who are studying a course which I had successfully completed last year. I believe it is great for me, as it provides me with the relevant experience if teaching is to be my profession in the future. This is also helping to enrich my experience during my time at Holyhead. Whenever I support in lessons, my goal is to help many students in their class, not just with their work but in order to make them learn new content. I know this as many students ask the meaning of words and I tell them to write it down. This educates them to do well in their coursework and GCSE preparation. Overall, I am glad that I am offering my experience to students who will hopefully benefit from it.


I have been supporting Year 11 students in Mathematics lessons since October. At first, I was a bit reluctant to give up my time, but I am glad I have done so now. This experience has taught me patience, communication and confidence in working with people outside of my normal circle. I work with two Year 11 girls with developing their Mathematical skills. I like this experience and look forward to writing about it when I begin to apply for University. 

University Destinations 2018

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The following table provides information on the Sixth Form students who have successfully gained entry onto the course and into the University of their choice for this year. Congratulations to them all.

Surname Forename Final Destination Final Course Choice
ABBAS Amaan Aston University Finance
AHMED Tanya Birmingham City University Human Resources Management
AHMED Hanna Coventry University History
AHMED Valid Birmingham City University Business Management
AKHTAR Atiyah Birmingham City University Education Studies
ALI Muhammad
Aston University Computer Science
ALI Ifrah Birmingham City University Diagnostic Radiography
ASIF Kaabah University of Birmingham Psychology
AZAD Samia Gordon Franks Training Apprenticeship
AZIZ Ameena University of Wolverhampton Pharmacology
AZIZ Mohammed Aston University Mechanical Engineering
BAGLA Dhillon University of Birmingham Sociology
BALI Vikash Aston University Business Computing & IT
BASSEY Corey Aston University Engineering & Applied Science (Foundation)
BEGUM Rea University of Birmingham English & Creative Writing
BEGUM Rabeya Aston University Engineering & Applied Science (Foundation)
BEGUM Minha Aston University International Business & Spanish
BHODAY Harveen Coventry University Art (Foundation)
BHOPAL Rahul Sandwell College Apprenticeship in Engineering
BIBI Halimah Aston University Psychology
CHAGGAR Pawan University of Wolverhampton Economics with Sandwich Placement
CHAUHAN Anisha Aston University Psychology
CHOUDHURY Fariha University of Leeds Biology & History & Philosophy of Science
CHOWDHURY Anharul University of Leicester Management Studies
CHOWDHURY Jearin University of Wolverhampton Social Care
CHUMBER Sonia De Montfort University, Leicester Pharmacy
DEHANEY Rhea University of West London Broadcast & Digital Journalism
DEVI Komal Aston University Science Foundation Programme
DHAP Ria University of Leicester Pyschology
DUGGAL Jeevan De Montfort University, Leicester Business & Management
DUONG Phi Aston University Pharmacy
FAREED Sumiyah University of Birmingham Law with Criminology
FULLER-BROOMES Atarah Nottingham Trent University Youth Justice
GULL Omar University of Wolverhampton Business & Law with Sandwich Placement
GURU Ajay LMPQ ICT Apprenticeship
HASSAN Shahib Aston University Computer Science
HAY Aisha Birmingham City University Sociology
HUSSAIN Sohail Nottingham Trent University Sport & Exercise Science
HUYNH Hai Birmingham City University Business Computing & IT
HUYNH Phillip University of Wolverhampton Video Production Apprenticeship (Interview)
HYLTON Natasha Birmingham City University Early Years
ISLAM Farzana Birmingham City University Adult Nursing
JAMSHAID Maira Aston University Business Computing & IT
JAWO Abdul Loughborough University Air Transport Management
JIMALE Amran University of Bradford Clinical Sciences/Medicine Foundation
JOHAL Annareeta University of Manchester Pharmacy with a Foundation Year
JOSEPH Tyreeck Brunel University, London Biomedical Sciences with Professional Experience
KAINTH Arpana Oxford Brookes University Fine Art
KALYAL Mukhtar Birmingham City University Education Studies
KASSAR Hasan University of Birmingham Accounting & Finance
KAUR Simran Aston University Business Management
KAUR Amanprit University of Birmingham Modern Languages
KAUR Sharan University of Worcester History & Politics
KAUR Simranjit Birmingham City University Criminology, Policing & Investigation
KHAN Imran Aston University Business & Management
KHAN Hashim Birmingham City University Criminology
KHAN Aftaab University of Birmingham Computer Science with an Industrial Year
KHAN Obaid One Stop Management Services Accountancy Apprenticeship
KHATUN Razia University of Birmingham Sociology
KHATUN Mahmuda Aston University Psychology
KLAIR Jay Loughborough University Human Biology
KULAR Amrita University of Birmingham Psychology
KUMARI Neelam Newman University, Birmingham Primary Education (QTS)
KUMARI Geeta University of Birmingham History
LAKHAY Kavita Loughborough University Psychology
LAL Jessica Coventry University Computer Science
LATIF Aliyah University of Birmingham Sociology
LINDO Meya Coventry University Criminology & Psychology
MAHAY Priyanka Aston University Business & Management
MAHAY Sanjay Coventry University Human Biosciences
MAHMOOD Tawseef Aston University Economics & Management
MALHI Arjan Aston University Computer Science
MALHI Neha University of Leicester Accounting & Finance
MALI Janie Manchester Metropolitan University Forensic Psychology
MALL Simran Sandwell College Apprenticeship in Personal Training
MANN Jugjit University of Birmingham Chemistry (Foundation)
MIAH Mohammed Coventry University Business Management
MIAH Rakib Aston University Marketing
MIAH Sabur Birmingham City University Biomedical Sciences
MIAH Reehad Aston University Politics with International Relations
MIRE Iman University of Leicester Criminology
MORTON Asia Birmingham City University Criminology
NAKHWAL Rupika Employment Nurse Plus' (Care Homes)
NAYER Anjali University of Birmingham Psychology
NGUYEN Jay University of Liverpool Computer Science
NIJJAR Navraj University of Nottingham Ancient History
NKETIAH Priscilla University of Birmingham International Law & Globalisation
PINKEY Tania Begum Aston University Mathematics with Economics
QAISAR Armeena University of Law Law
RAHANIA Hitesh Aston University Business & Management
RAHMAN Minhazur Birmingham City University Business Management
RAHMAN Muhidur University of Birmingham International Business
RAI Ryan AA Call Centre Employment - Call Centre
RAKHRA Ashlea University of Birmingham Ancient History
RATOUR Priya University of Law Law
RAZZAQ Iqra Birmingham City University Biomedical Sciences
ROBINSON Remi-Antonio University of Nottingham Religion, Culture & Ethics
SAHID Sahid Aston University Engineering & Applied Science (Foundation)
SAHOTA Shiann Keele University Criminology & Sociology
SAJID Annisa Aston University Psychology & Sociology
SANGER Aaron Aston University Engineering & Applied Science (Foundation)
SCOTT-GEOHAGHON Trevon University of Warwick Economics
SHARIF Amina Birmingham City University Mechanical Engineering
SHOKER Navpreet University of Birmingham American & Canadian Studies (with year abroad)
SIDHU Dylan Aston University Law
SINGH Daljit Birmingham City University Accounting & Finance
SKEEN Remayah Coventry University Sociology & Criminology
SOHAL Gurinder University of Birmingham Biomedical Materials Science
SOKHI Karandeep University of Birmingham Biomedical Materials Science
SOLOMUN Robel De Montfort University, Leicester Accounting & Finance
SOWL Tripti Royal Veterinary College,
University of London
Veterinary Gateway Programme
SPENCE Asharnah University of Birmingham Social Policy & Criminology (deferred - 2019)
SULEIMAN Mohamed Al Nagi Coventry University Engineering (Foundation)
TAAK Aman Birmingham City University Computer Science
THAKUR Lalit Coventry University Biomedical Science
THOMA Tasnia Tabassum Coventry University Law
UTER Savannah Nottingham Trent University Health & Social Care
VALECHA Kashish University College, Birmingham Aviation & Airport Management

UCAS Information and Qualification Offer - Sept 2019

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Holyhead is a highly successful Inner Ring 11-18 Academy. The neighbourhood is in the top 10% of deprived areas nationally and 26% of students are entitled to free school meals. There are over 1,300 students on roll including 262 in the Sixth Form, with the vast majority of year 13 students seeking university places. In September 2019 all Year 13 students intending to go to university took up places at their chosen university. The A-level results in the summer of 2019 were 52% A*-B, 84% A*-C and 98% A* - E, of which the academy and community are rightly proud.

Since the release of new specifications and the de-coupling of AS/A Level qualifications until June 2019 Holyhead has chosen to offer the decoupled AS examinations in all reformed A Level subjects apart from Geography and Film Studies. In light of the national trends to move away from offering the AS qualification to all at the end of Year 12, we have chosen to do so from September 2019 with the use of internal examinations in Year 12 to replace the AS exams.

A Level Exam Results

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I am very pleased to confirm that yet again we have achieved fantastic A Level results. 

A Level 

We have had another exceptional year for A Levels with our current % A*-B figure of 46% this means that students make progress at a rate equivalent to the top 25% of all Sixth Forms and FE Colleges. 83% of all grades were at least a C grade at A Level. Our BTEC results are also incredibly strong.

In particular, we are pleased that 100% of grades achieved were between A*-E (no grade U's). This is a testament to the great work the team and the hard work of the students in the Sixth Form. 

The vast majority of the students received news that meant they could pursue their chosen University courses next term. 

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