It has been yet another amazing set of A Level results with many of our Year 13 students opening results envelopes that will contain grades they will be very pleased with. The students have made themselves, their families and their local community extremely proud and the vast majority of them will be continuing their education at Universities of their choosing. On average, students enter Holyhead School with levels of attainment significantly below their peers in others parts of the UK. However, the aspirations of students and their families remain high and students go on to read Medicine, Law and Accountancy amongst other competitive degrees. The journey from age 11-18 is one where students consistently achieve progress rates equivalent to the top 25% of all schools using the nationally recognised ALPS measures and L3VA benchmarks. Students achieve grades at Holyhead that gives them choices to match their broad ambitions.


2017 has been an especially notable set of results given the national uncertainty around the new A Level specifications. Students and staff have adapted well to the changes and produced record breaking grades that Grammar schools in the leafiest of suburbs would be overjoyed with. It's a special moment for Holyhead School and Soho Ward, the electoral ward it represents. 

Below are some of the headline figures followed by some individual stories of academic excellence. 

A Level 
^ALPS Grade 2/3 (top 10-25% nationally) for student progress. Grade 3 in 2016. 
^A*-B rate = 40% (37% in 2016) 
- A*-E rate = 98% 
94% of students doing BTEC's achieved at least a Distinction 

AS Level 
^ A-B rate = 34.3% (17% in 2016) 
^ A-E rate = 89.8% (86% in 2016) 

It does mean that our progress and achievement data is highly likely to compare favourably with the best colleges and 6th Forms in the UK. 

There have been some amazing results from our students. 

A Level/BTEC Level 3 
Rujina Begum AAA (secured grades to read Medicine at the University of Birmingham) 
Simran Dosanjh AAB 
Ajay Jassal AAB 
Najeeb Hussain A*AC 
Akash Malhi A*BB 
Lamisa Wiltshire 3 x Distinction* 
Jamila Khatun 3 x Distinction* 

AS Level 
Osarumwense Aigbe AAB 
Amran Jimale AAB 
Annisa Sajid AAB 
Tasnia Thoma AAB 
Mohammed Junaid Meah AABB 

We have also had our first A* grades in Mathematics. 

Rujina Begum 
Rujina continues to uphold what is now becoming a tradition at Holyhead of our students gaining places to read Medicine at the University of Birmingham. Following on from Jaspreet Takhar, Nahid Hassan and Yazan Hendi in the last couple of years, Rujina secured her place with A grades in Biology, Chemistry and Maths, having also achieved an A grade in AS History. 

Two years ago though, the chances of Rujina achieving this success at Holyhead looked slim, having opted to begin her Sixth Form studies at a nearby Grammar school on the back of outstanding GCSE results. It didn’t take Rujina long though to realise that the best place for her to pursue her ambitions was back at Holyhead, and since her return she has flourished in the supportive environment of the Sixth Form, receiving tailored and specific guidance from a number of staff in her pursuit of a career in medicine. 

Rujina’s achievement comes as a consequence not only of her outstanding work ethic, but also her willingness to engage in extensive work experience and academic enrichment in the medical field. Her success at interview saw her receive offers from the University of Bristol and the University of Southampton, but ultimately her desire to study close to home has seen her take up her offer from the University of Birmingham. 

Rujina was shocked when she opened her envelope, but was looking forward to celebrating with her friends later today after letting her parents know the great news. She wanted to thank her teachers, and was “certain that she wouldn't have achieved these results without the teaching and support she has received, especially from Miss Campbell who has always built her confidence and boosted her expectations”. 

Akash Malhi 
Akash enrolled at Holyhead Sixth Form in August 2015 having not achieved the grades at GCSE to continue his studies into the Sixth Form at King Edward VI Five Ways School. He arrived having achieved 2 A grades and a combination of B and C grades at Five Ways, and was gutted to not be continuing. Two years on he has now achieved grades at A Level that many of his former classmates would willingly swap with him! 

Akash quickly settled into life at Holyhead and has been a wonderful addition to the Sixth Form, not only in terms of his commitment to his studies, but also with his willingness to take on responsibility as a Prefect and his desire to push himself forward organising numerous work experience placements in the field of engineering. Studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry, Akash has really risen to the challenge this year with all of his teachers fulsome in their praise of his enthusiasm and engagement, and the outcomes have been outstanding. With B grades in both Physics and Chemistry and an exceptional A* in Maths, Akash has exceeded his ALPS potential targets and has secured a place to read Aerospace Engineering at Leicester University. 

Akash was obviously delighted as was his very proud mother. Akash was full of praise for all of his teachers, especially the availability and support he has received, highlighting that he could see “anyone at any time, whether that was Miss Rheel after school or Mr Sarrah first thing in the morning”. He will be taking his Mom and Dad out for a meal with his first pay packet to celebrate and Mom was exceptionally proud that he has achieved what he’s worked for, and was also grateful for all the help he has received whilst at Holyhead Sixth Form.