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posted Jan 8, 2019, 1:11 AM by J Grant   [ updated May 23, 2019, 4:41 AM ]
A group of Year 8 students recently visited Ipsley RSA Academy in Redditch as part of the RSA 8 Leadership programme and we were joined by the other RSA family of schools. The aim of this programme is to build on leadership skills through social action campaign.

The day started with an ice-breaker from Talk the Talk team - more details about them here -

The students participated in a number of workshops and masterclasses to increase confidence in communication and looked at how to deliver a structured presentation to their peer. Students were also being taught to identify and use persuasive language techniques to get their message across. Plus this workshop highlights and nurtures employability skills, interview techniques and key presentation methods. This event was documented and filmed for the RSA Academy for the website.

Quotes from the students -
  • Tekalah - I feel more enthusiastic. 
  • Ellie - Boost up my confidence. 
  • Elesha - Helped me with delivering a good speech. 
  • Smilepreet - Builds up my confidence in presentation skills. 
  • Antonio - Always try your best - give it a go. 
  • Zayn - Confident to talk to strangers and to deliver a presentation. 
  • Tanish - Improve my communication skills. 
  • Mavish - “Con” in confident is a trick Con = Trick “You never have confidence at first, pretend you have it and it just comes naturally.” 
  • Belal - We learnt SSSSS - Stand with Confidence; Stride with purpose; Smile; Speak up; Stay for applause