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Corwen News

Corwen News

posted Oct 22, 2014, 12:31 AM by J Grant   [ updated Jun 18, 2018, 5:23 AM ]

Hello and welcome to the Corwen section of the Spring edition of the Pulse magazine. It continues to be a busy year as we (hopefully) say goodbye to the cold weather and there is more planned in the coming weeks when hopefully spring will finally arrive!

It has been another action-packed term with many Inter-College sporting events. The poor weather has been unable to dull the enthusiasm shown by Corwen students and we have seen some really exciting tournaments. Notable performances included wins for the Year 7 & 8 boys handball teams and a victory for the Year 10 girls basketball team.

Presentation Evening was a fantastic night in which we were able to celebrate all of the great things students have achieved over the year.

The quality of the performances was fantastic and it was nice to see so many talented Corwen students involved, these included Adriano C2 starting the evening by leading the Haka and Duc C8 concluding the evening with some impressive Vietnamese Dragon dancing.

Corwen students were well represented in the awards given out throughout the evening, with some of the most notable including;

Kiran C1 8 for gaining the most myPoints in the entire school with over 1750 points. Wow!

Kiran C1 8 featured again alongside Adrianno C2 8 and Hang C11 11. These students were awarded a Governor’s Award for outstanding achievement- a particularly special accolade and presented to them by Mike Jameson the Chair of Governors.

As well as subject awards Corwen students were also recognised for their impact across the school, Shuab C9 10 won an award for his charity work through the Envision program, Mohammed Hadi C1 11, bagged 2 awards, one for Sports Personality and the other for Enrichment.

The evening was hosted by the student leadership team, and some of our best Year 11s were responsible for the smooth running of the show. Despite it being a daunting task presenting to an entire Town Hall of people, our students were confident and did a great job. Well done to Head Boy Sameer, Head Girl Margita, Deputy Head Girl Hang.

To see so many Corwen students being recognised for their achievements and showcasing their talents filled me with pride and it was a magical evening for all involved.

Mr Wright - Head of Corwen College

As introduced in last terms edition, Amritpaul C14 is our new College Captain and I thought I’d interview him and get to know him a bit better.

What is your name, form and Year group?
Amritpaul, C14 9

Which are your favourites subjects?
Physics and Biology
What would you like to be when you are older?
Not sure yet but something to do with science and maths
What extracurricular things do you do around school?
I do quite a lot drum lessons, steel pans and Duke of Edinburgh and of course, I also play in Inter-College competitions.
What does the College Captain role mean to you?
I think that it is really important that I listen to the views of the students in Corwen and be able to represent them in discussions with HOC and SSWOs. I hope that by doing this students and staff can work together to further improve and develop the College. I would like to be a role model and hope that students would look up to me. Being a representative of Corwen College at school events.
What qualities do you think you bring to the role of College Captain?
I am enthusiastic, I really want Corwen to be successful! I think I am a creative person so will be able to come up with interesting ways help the College develop. I hope that I am easy to talk to so people will feel happy approaching me.
What are your plans for the future?
We are doing an assembly this week to give some ideas on how to improve and introduce some new things, such as a newly revamped reward system for Tutor groups that achieve Corwen stars.

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