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posted Oct 22, 2014, 12:31 AM by J Grant   [ updated Oct 6, 2016, 12:55 AM ]
Welcome to this the last edition of the academic year, as ever it has been a busy term and I can’t believe the Summer Holidays are nearly here!

Corwen Olympics

After raising over £1000 for Children in Need, Corwen were again planning to to raise money for good causes and this time the idea was a Corwen Olympics, I am delighted to say that it was a great success but I will leave the details for an article written by Mrs Wade who worked tirelessly to organise the event.

Year 11 Leavers

It is with sadness yet pride that we bid farewell to our Year 11 students who now after months of hard work have finally finished their exams. I would like to personally wish them every success in their onward journeys in education wherever that may lead them.

Inter-College results

This term has seen some hard fought inter-College competitions, notable wins for Corwen included the Year 10 boys softball and Year 9 girls’ rounders. The field events for Sports day also took place this term, these events are important as they contribute to the the overall totals which will decide the overall winner of Sports Day on the 19th July. Stand out performances included Taliyah our Year 9 sports captain and Rebekah Year 10 who is also a sports captain. Both girls led by example and managed to win 2 events each for their respective year groups. Other Corwen heroes included Laythina and Shuaib who both came first in the shot put for Year 9 and 7 and Shawar Gull Year 10 who won the 800m.

Senior student progression

The stringent selection process to decide who from Year 10 will become Senior Students next year continues and there are lots of Corwen students still in the frame. I have been impressed by the maturity and determination demonstrated by them. It is fantastic to see students who previously may have not been the best role models, really showing positive attitudes and proving that they can changed for the better. I will now hand over to the students who will give you more details on all the things that have been happening, before I do that I would like to wish you a wonderful and hopefully sunny summer break!

Mr Wright
Head of Corwen College

Corwen Olympics

After a fantastic fundraising event in November for Children in Need where Corwen raised over £1000, we decided that we should raise money for a local charity that was used by Holyhead students. Oakland Young People Centre was set up in the early 70s, and has been running events such as football, boxercise, basketball, music lessons and advice/real talk discussion groups. Many Holyhead students use these facilities, and we thought that it would be great to help boost the facilities that they have.

With all this in mind, Corwen’s very own Mr Wright came up with the idea to create a space where students could come, and compete against each other in teams of 4 to see who the ultimate champion was! So the Corwen Olympics were born, and were held on Thursday 26th May, and included activities from each of the Corwen forms such as space hopper race, water challenge, fancy dress relay, penalty shootout/cross bar challenge and whack it. Each team competed against each other to try and win the most amount of points, and become the ultimate winner.


Competitors also took part in Sumo Suit Wrestling, where they could test their strength against another team mate or another student, trying to pin them down to the ground or push them out of the circle first. The final challenge that teams faced was the ‘Ultimate Obstacle Course’. Here, participators went against another team to see who was the fastest and strongest to get over the finish line first.

Not only did students take part in this fantastic event, staff members also took part in trying to win first prize. Mr Hussain, Mr Khan, Mr Rahman and Mr Smith all took part in competing against students to win first prize, however did not succeed! We do however have 5 teams that can claim the winning stake; Team ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Superstar Girls’, ‘Team Champions’, Team ‘Harm’ and ‘Madrid Alona’. Congratulations to all these teams who scored the highest amount of points to win them their prize!

Once the students had disappeared, some members of staff decided to attempt the ‘Ultimate Obstacle Course’ to see who was fastest; Mr Wright, Mrs Wade, Ms Williams and Mrs Dubb. Even before the race began, Mr Wright was cheating by pushing forward and ensuring he got ahead of the other members of staff. Not only did he cheat at the start line, but as we reached the end, Mr Wright also ensured that others could not get over the finish line before him, and stood in their way! Therefore, a very questionable win for Mr Wright, with Mrs Dubb coming in second, Mrs Wade coming in third, and Ms Williams slowly coming in fourth around 20 seconds after everyone else!

We would like to thank all staff and students for your participation in the Corwen Olympics, whether that be putting a team together and completing the activities, or supporting your friends and pushing them on, or sticking around, dancing and buying some food or drink. The final amount raised was £500! Oaklands have decided that the money will go towards the Oaklands Foundation which is run by young people and supports the homeless.

Mrs Wade